Time is money 💸 and that's exactly why your iced latte is worth the 10 minutes you'll be late to class.

Whether you're a Melbourne University student or staff memeber, or a CBD frequenter there's no denying the delicious convenience of Carte Crêpes, Castro's Kiosk or Baretto Espresso.


Here's some news that'll help you out with those early mornings... For one week only you'll earn a whopping 40% when you pay with Liven at Carte Crêpes, Castro's Kiosk or Baretto Espresso. That's FOUR TIMES their usual 10%. Say you get a $5 iced latte... Bang! That's $2 LVN right into your digital wallet. Now that's what I call responsible use of money.

Carte Crêpes

The University of Melbourne Parkville, Grattan St
Pay with Liven & earn 10% LVN every time.
Crepes • Specialty Coffee • Fresh Drinks

Crepes and coffee. 🤤 These friendly folk have mastered the art of savoury and sweet treats. They've got a mix of classic street crepes like the good ol' Nutella and bananas. We are big fans of their Carte creations, if you're looking for something a bit more on the fancy side. The Snickers, Lamington, Brulee and the Jam Doughnut are exactly that – they combine the flavours of crowd-favourite desserts into crepes. Plus, nothing will cost you more than a tenner here!

Castro's Kiosk

Physics Building, The University Of Melbourne, Tin Alley, Parkville
Pay with Liven & earn 10% LVN every time.
Specialty Coffee • Savoury Eats • Specialty Hot Chocolates

Castro's Kiosk is a campus favourite! Well-known for their quirky and eclectic hot drinks, Castro's serves up an extensive list of beverages that goes beyond your average latte (which they make pretty damn well anyway.) Some favourites are the Cowboy Mocha – with coffee, dark chocolate and butterscotch, and the Honky Tonk Hot Chocolate – with white and dark chocolate with Irish Creme. Pick up a hearty sandwich or muffin too!

Baretto Espresso Bar

161 Barry Street, Carlton
Pay with Liven & earn 10% LVN every time.
Spacious Cafe • Breakfast • Coffee

Grab a cuppa and get comfy in this sleek and modern space. Baretto is an espresso bar that dishes up a mix of cold and hot breakfast options – with almost everything under $10! Up your pre-class caffeine game with Baretto, or grab an after-class bite with some mates. They even have a seasonal, homemade, Italian hot chocolate that is not to be missed!

And whatcha going to do with all that LVN? Spend it, my friend. 💸 Here are some of our CBD faves that are right near campus! Check out: New York Minute Burgers, Blackball, Lanzhou Beef Noodle Bar and NeNe Chicken.

40% earn rate is valid from 6:00am 4/3/2019 until 7:00pm 8/3/2019. Earn is capped at $15 LVN per transaction.