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Discover 3 Amazing Melbourne Venues That Recently Joined the Liven App

Jul 11, 2022

Discover 3 Amazing Venues That Recently Joined the Liven App

At Liven, we truly believe that eating out is one of the great joys life has to offer and something that everyone deserves to experience! Our aim is to link food-loving folks to delicious venues and link delicious venues to food-loving folks! Because of this, we’re always having exciting new restaurants join our family of food merchants on the Liven app. In this article, you get to meet seven of the latest yummy places available for you to eat and earn at on Liven.

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New venues on Liven 

Meet our delicious newcomers in Sydney and Melbourne and see what they have to offer our Liven app users:

Jincheng Lanzhou Beef Noodles 

Cuisine: Chinese

This Chinese restaurant is located conveniently in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. It’s no ordinary Chinese restaurant. This restaurant was established to share Lanzhou Beef Noodles with the world. Each delicious bowl of noodle soup they serve is made with special techniques, secret ingredients and a whole lot of heart. For authentic flavours full of traditional charm, look no further.

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361 Sushi Club


Cuisine: Japanese

Don’t let the name fool you - these guys do a heck of a lot more than just incredible sushi. This Japanese restaurant is ‌in Balwyn and has a menu that can keep your belly entertained for days on end. From sushi to Bento boxes to a range of main courses, rice, noodles and everything in between, there’s absolutely something for everyone, no matter their taste or appetite!

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Penang Corner

Cuisine: Malaysian 

New to Liven and Kew is this Malaysian delight, Penang Corner. This bustling family restaurant is a must-visit for anyone looking to feast on some authentic Malaysian cuisine. Their Laska gets particular love from their diners and word about their cereal chicken and sizzling tofu is also getting around town. Be sure to book! 

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