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Discover 3 Of The Best Sushi Restaurants Sydney Has to Offer

Jun 13, 2022

Discover 3 of the best sushi restaurants Sydney has to offer

There's no denying that Japanese cuisine is one of the most remarkable cuisines on the planet. It's simplicity that's delivered in the most sophisticated way. And there's no arguing that Australia upholds its culinary excellence throughout its seemingly never-ending list of Japanese eateries dishing up authentic sushi.

With International Sushi Day just around the corner, our Liven team thought there's no better time to share some of the best sushi spots around the country that will have you coming back for seconds... and thirds.

At Liven, we link food fanatics to fabulous feasting opportunities. It's just how we roll.

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Where to get the best sushi

Here's a list of our top 3 Japanese restaurants where you can get your sushi fix:

Makoto Sushi Bar

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Location: Sydney

Located in the heart of Sydney, this Sushi Bar serves up some of the best sushi in town with a massive range of delicious choices, from regular rolls to hand rolls and nigiri. If you feel like a little bit of sushi and a little bit of something else, fear not, there are plenty of other Japanese cuisine delights on their menu. And just FYI, Makoto means ‘sincerely’, ‘truly’ and ‘from the heart’, which truly reflects this restaurant's passion for authentic cuisine and exceptional customer service.

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Toyosu Suisan

Location: Haymarket

This place is as much a feast for the belly as it is for the eyes with a gorgeous modern Japanese decor and dishes that almost look too good to eat. Toyosu Suisan doesn't only serve sushi, but their sushi sure is special and not to be missed. The rest of their menu comprises all the things you'd expect on an authentic Japanese menu, with a slightly modern twist and drool-worthy aesthetics.

Liven: 10% Rewards

Hoshiya Japanese Cuisine

Location: Waterloo

If specialised sushi... yup, not normal sushi, but specialised sushi sounds like your vibe, then you should add Hoshiya to your 'must-visit-list' immediately. Sashimi, nigiri and maki are just the beginning of what you can expect at this Japanese restaurant. If you're looking for a full-on Japanese feast, definitely try their bao buns and ramen too!

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