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Mitchell Reeves

Dec 11, 2018

2 min read

Event Recap: Startup Grind APAC 2018

The Startup Grind APAC recap

From Thursday to Friday the 6th and 7th of December, Startup Grind held their Australia Pacific conference at Melbourne's Convention & Exhbition Centre.

We saw seasoned entrepreneurs and freshies out of the startup oven tell their stories - with punchy highlights including Dropbox VP of Product Adam Nash.

Thank you to everyone at Startup Grind APAC for organising the conference and having us along, namely Chris Joannou!

Thank you to all of you who supported Will and Grace's presentations and who came over to our booth for a chat - we hope you enjoyed your time at Startup Grind - it was a great event to be at and it was a pleasure meeting you all!

The future of Payments & Loyalty with Liven Co-founder Grace Wong

Grace's energy on Thursday 6 Dec was extremely well received (despite her going 13 minutes over time) - thank you for all the cheers and tweets!

Grace talked about how Liven has synthesised the payments and loyalty space and touched on the future of seemless payment experiences.

Accidentally disrupting the disruptors

On Friday 7th of December, Will's take on accidental disruption seemed to blow a breath of fresh air on the blockchain space - reminding us all to look for valid use-cases when applying the technology.

A panel discussion hosting "Modern Disruptors" followed Will with host Sean Qian (COO of Konkrete), Moresh Kokane (Founder - Konkrete) and Jessica Ellerm (CEO & Co-founder of Zuper).

Sean's closing question, "Given the extremely large corporations in the payments space, what are your biggest risks and concerns?" Will's response took a few people by surprise, "I'm not concerned about competitors, it's about staff and complacency. If we can iterate enough and work well enough together, we can move much faster than larger competitors."

Startup Grind Airdrop @ The Booth

You might have met some of us in our booth - perhaps you got some of our funky merch and if you were real lucky, maybe gotten some LVN.

We organised a pseudo-airdrop for the event - loading a Liven wallet with some LVN to distribute to attendees.

This was a great experience particularly for new users to experience the instant peer-to-peer transactions within the Liven network.

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If you're interested in the Liven project or LVN token, consider joining the conversation in our Telegram or reading our whitepaper at

Otherwise, you can start paying and earning with the Liven app, which is available on iOS and Android here!

Mitchell Reeves

Community Manager, PR and Internal Communications