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Keith the Intern

Mar 15, 2019

4 min read

Fine Dining, World-Famous Dumplings & Desserts: New To Liven Sydney! ✨

Sydney, you're in for a treat. This week, we're bringing you a mixed bag of hot merchants! 🔥 Breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert... your stomach will thank you later. Remember – pay with Liven and earn every time. 💰

Din Tai Fung

World Square Shopping Centre | Westfield Chatswood | The Star | Central Park Mall
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Taiwanese • Dumplings • Global

Who would've thought that a small stall that opened in Taipei, 1972 would explode into a global establisment serving up some of the world's best dumplings? The world has quickly fallen in love with Din Tai Fung – their Tawiwanese cuisine ranges from silken tofu to fried rice to durian ice cream.

But the main star is their dumplings – if you ain't trying the xiao long bao, you're doing it wrong. Each dumpling's pastry and fillings are measured precisely to the gram and the dumplings are steamed for exactly three minutes. It's that level of detail that makes Din Tai Fung stand out.

85 Degrees Cafe

Shop 9, 545-551 George St
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Asian • Bakery • Cakes

Opening in 2003, this Asian bakery has taken the world by storm. A over-1000-stores-worldwide kinda storm. It's fitting that 85 degrees is the perfect temperature that coffee holds its best flavour. From that dedication to perfection comes the rest of their practice. All their drinks are handcrafted and made to order. Each store features an in-shop bakery with over 50 varieties of pastries baked fresh hourly. Our only problem? Deciding which drink, cake or bread to order.

You should try... the deluxe strawberry creme cake paired with the rose milk tea.

Do Dee Paidang

9/37 Ultimo Rd, Haymarket
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Thai • Authentic • Tasty

Do Dee Paidang is one of Sydney's best worst kept secrets. They're a local institution known for their authentic Thai feasts. Their Haymarket store is open 'til 1am every night, and every night you can expect it to be packed and busy. Spice levels vary from ‘Nursery' (with zero spice), all the way up to ‘Super Nova’ (we'll let your imagination figure that one out...) The rest of Dodee Paidang’s menu is equally as addictive without the risk of chilli sweats.

You should try... the Do Dee Super MaMa, a tom yum soup with seafood.

Restaurant Moon

346 Liverpool St, Darlinghurst
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Thai • Fine Dining • Experience

What do you get when Thai food meets molecular gastronomy? Restaurant Moon. Combining Thai and European influences, Head Chef and Creative Director Chef Aum is taking fine dining out of this world. “Every dish I will offer at Moon will embody my wild imagination and my respect for traditional Thai cuisine."

Hence, the namesake – the pure amazement that comes with looking at the moon is something he wants to encapsulate with his food. Unlike conventional Thai restaurants, Moon’s menu is adventurous, sophisticated and exciting. Enjoy panang curry with duck confit and roasted pumpkin, or beef ribs with a rich tamarind glaze and watercress salad. We have no doubt that your mind will be blown.

You should try... the set dinner menu.

Enjoy Cafe

365-375 Sussex St
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Indonesian • Noodles • Lunch

Yes, we will GLADLY enjoy these noodles, thank you. Living up to its namesake, Enjoy Cafe will leave you with a full belly and a big grin. Owned by the folks behind Kensington's favourite Enjoy Mie, Enjoy Cafe is known for their Indonesian fare, packed with flavour. Noodles are the specialty here. Get your bowl topped with protein such as pork belly or spicy chicken.

You should try... the special noodle dish, it's got a bit of everything.


Keith the Intern

Keith the Intern aka recently promoted Assistant to the Assistant Copywriter. I drink bubble tea for a living.