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Hot pot + Korean food = Paik’s Pan 🍲

Apr 13, 2023

Melbourne foodies, rejoice! Paik’s Pan, the Korean-style hot pot franchise, is set to debut in Melbourne on Friday 14 April at 5pm. This is an exciting time for culinary connoisseurs, as Paik's Pan will be the first restaurant of its kind in Melbourne to offer a Korean-style hot pot experience.

Located at 15-17 Healeys Lane in the heart of the CBD, Paik's Pan will be serving up an array of delectable Korean dishes, including tteokbokki and dakgalbi, the spicy chicken stir-fry that will paik-ed with flavour. And, of course, what better way to enjoy these dishes than to cook them up at your own table, K-Pot-style? A.k.a. Korean-style hot pot.

Paik's Pan is not just any hot pot joint – they're focused on bringing unsung Korean dishes to the forefront of Melbourne's food scene, and they're doing it with sizzling panache. If you're in the mood for a spicy, savory, and altogether sensational culinary adventure, head down to Healeys Lane and indulge in a K-pot experience that everyone will be talking about. 

To celebrate this grand opening, you can grab some limited edition Paik’s Pan Dollars with up to 100% Bonus credits to get extra slurps of goodness if your belly!