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Aug 28, 2018

2 min read

How to Accept Cryptocurrency as a Form of Payment

Attracting customers can be a difficult task for those in the competitive landscape of hospitality. Landing new customers through the door means finding fresh ways of reaching their attention, but evolving payment methods like cryptocurrency can provide that extra edge.

Finding time to research new technology that requires complete new systems and operations can be tough, though, especially when the old methods of payment work just fine. The Liven app was created to give merchants a way to not only accept cryptocurrency, but to do it without having to change their operations at all. There is no tech infrastructure or integration needed, the app links up to your current POS or a tablet provided to you by Liven.

How Liven works

The primary purpose of Liven is to allow customers to earn rewards when they eat at your establishment. The difference between this and other rewards programs that the rewards are not in points, but one-to-one with dollar amount. This easy, understand reward mechanism attract consumers as well as gets them coming back for more. Liven is the only loyalty platform that customers can earn cryptocurrency.

They can then use these crypto-based rewards towards future meals, pass it on as a gift or donate to charity. Best of all, merchants don’t have to accept crypto as a standalone currency – the app handles that algorithms for you and AUD are deposited into your account, so your own cash-handling systems aren’t altered.

How to accept payments with crypto

Another benefit of Liven is that those in the hospitality industry can choose how to accept payments from customers.

This means when a customer earns enough LVN to redeem it on a meal, the cost of that meal is deposited into the business’s account – no one is out of pocket.

This can be paid as AUD, LVN or a combination of both. Merchants can choose to accept 95 percent AUD and 5 percent LVN to dip their toe in the water, or take it in the form of 100 percent LVN. How you choose to accept payments is flexible.

Get new customers through Liven

People love getting rewards for purchases and Liven caters to that.

By signing up as a participating venue, you don't need to stress about changing your operations, updating your technology or even learning all the complexities of the cryptocurrency world. You’ll still be able to reap the rewards!

You can just enjoy the extra clientele that will walk through the door eager to earn LVN and the rewards that come with it.

Did you know Liven bills are typically 20% higher than traditional bills? Reap the benefits by applying to become a Liven partner.


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