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How to Upsell Digitally: Supercharge Your Digital Ordering with Liven Order Up

Jun 17, 2024

Ever wish your digital ordering did more than just take orders? Imagine it suggesting a savvy upgrade to a gourmet burger or nudging customers towards must-have merch. Liven Order Up isn't just an upgrade; it's your digital upsell genius! It elevates customer interactions, making your digital platform as proactive and personable as your best staff.

Elevate Every Meal with Effortless Upsells

Picture this: a customer orders a classic burger—solid choice! But with Order Up, that's just the beginning. How about some extra cheese? Maybe bacon? Or why not go all out with a deluxe combo? Order Up’s gentle suggestions don’t just enhance the meal; they elevate the entire dining experience, boosting your average order value while delighting your customers.

Does Your Digital Ordering Work as Hard as You? Let's Make Sure It Does!

Order Up transforms your digital ordering into a dynamic part of your team—intuitive, engaging, and proactive in upselling. It's not just about taking orders but enhancing them with smart, seamless suggestions.

Got merch? Watch it fly off the virtual shelves! 

Order Up can effortlessly integrate your venue's branded merchandise into the ordering process, tempting customers with branded hoodies or tees strategically positioned for impulse buys. Get them excited to sport your venue's merch!

Integration So Smooth, You'll Hardly Notice

Are you concerned about a complicated setup? There's no need! Order Up integrates smoothly with your existing Liven ecosystem, with no disruption and full support from our stellar team.

With Liven Order Up, You're Set to:

  • Smart, seamless upsells that feel like natural choices.
  • Transform menu browsers into enthusiastic buyers: Your merch gets the spotlight it deserves right alongside your delicious dishes.
  • Enhance the customer experience: From browsing to ordering, make every order an opportunity to deliver more.

Over a 15 minute conversation we can show you how digital ordering increases your average order value by 20% and then increases that even more with automated digital upsells. Let’s chat.