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Today we need you to do one simple thing so we can send you revenue. 💸
No strings, no joining fees, and we make nothing from this (in fact, we're putting our own skin in the game).

We need you to join other leading restaurant brands and become a Liven Pledge Partner.
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Up to 50% of hospitality venues are expected to permanently close. 

We started with a simple question...

What could we do to help as many restaurants and cafes make it through the Corona Crisis and help rebuild and reopen on the other side? We feel your pain and know that what our partners really need right now is immediate income (not petition signatures!).

So we have engineered a novel & innovative solution to achieve this - the Liven Pledge, from you to consumers, and the Liven Care Packages that consumers can buy to put money in your hands today!

We’re asking our customers to rally behind you and #saveyourfaves 👀

Being socially distanced in the suburbs at home means that delivery and takeout of their favourite venues near work isn't always an option. We can see that your community wants to help - they just didn’t have a way like this until today! They love Aussie hospo and are missing it already. We’ve received hundreds of messages from our user base in the last few weeks alone, asking us what they can do to make a difference.

To give some background to any new friends reading, Liven is a humble payment and loyalty app with dreams of changing the world - specifically, the way we can bring awesome real-world experiences to people. Over the last few years we’ve built a network of more than a thousand restaurant venues and over 700,000 Aussie foodies in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Liven Care Packages allow consumers to purchase credit to spend at venues without any risk of venue closure or expiry.

So what is a Liven Care Package? 💝

The Liven Care Package isn’t a gift card.

We know many of our users are feeling anxious and scared about their own financial position. As much as people want to help, they are not able to accept that gift cards purchased with their precious cash are going to be valid when up to 50% of hospitality venues are expected to permanently close.

Liven Care Packages allow consumers to purchase credit to spend at venues without any risk, even in the event that the doors remain shut permanently post-Corona virus.

We call this the Liven Guarantee, and it is only possible due to Liven’s unique tech and the extensive network we’ve built around it.

What's so special about the Liven Guarantee?

The unique thing about the Liven Guarantee is that it protects consumers from losing out on their initial investment no matter the circumstances, and in all cases they will be rewarded with a bonus to enjoy at their favourite restaurants - it’s a win-win scenario.

It’s not just our extensive network that allows us to take the risk of venue’s closing but also our $1 million Liven Relief Fund to back up their contributions, massively boosting consumer confidence and empowering them to commit to supporting your venue at a time that it seems too risky to otherwise buy vouchers or gift cards.

Awesome, right? Here’s how it works! 🌟

Consumers will choose a favourite venue to support, contributing funds and receiving credit with a bonus to spend at that venue.

Liven will start paying cash forward to the venues immediately, but in the event that the chosen venue never reopens in the future, the user will be able to nominate another venue from our Pledge Partners to visit instead, with their initial contribution safe.

But it works better the more that you get involved!

Join Liven by July 1st, 2020 to enjoy 100% waiver of ALL Care Package Fees.

By joining our Pledge Partners, you will open yourself up to support from the entire Liven network and your own community who you’ve spent years building goodwill with, who will be able to buy a care package from you with zero risk, with no extra demands on you other than to look after them and honour the care package in the future when they come to help you re-open. You’ll be getting some cashflow now while you need it most and locking your future customer loyalty upfront as well as building new channels of communication and engagement with your current and future fans to rebuild your business with deeper relationships than you’ve ever had before.

Liven is putting our skin in the game. 💪🏻

We have faith that Hospo is going to rise to this challenge, you’ve done it before, you will do it again, but this is a time of fear for consumers who may not be sharing our confidence. To combat this fear and stop it from working against this campaign, we’ve decided to put our money where our mouth is, and

  1. Waive all fees including Activation Fee, Platform Fee, Early Termination Fee
  2. Pay for all Card Fees on your behalf (hard costs to us) for all Care Packages sold.
  3. Commit for the fees waived to continue even after the #SaveYourFaves campaign is over for the life of the care packages.
  4. Putting up our own funds to fully underwrite all consumer pledges, up to a value of $1,000,000.

Through this pledge of our own, we will give consumers complete confidence that no matter how bad things get, their contribution will not be lost. Because hospo is our family too, we are also committing to delivering 100% of the proceeds of the programme to restaurants, with no cap (or profit made).  

Let's redefine hospitality post-COVID together!

We are all stronger together, the more restaurateurs who get involved the greater the network effect we can achieve to inspire consumers to lend a hand (and their hard earned cash!).

Premium brands like Ho Jiak, Calia, Sushi Hub, Gelato Messina, Din Tai Fung and Lotus Dining have trusted the Liven platform to drive loyalty and value to their brand.

So jump on, and join in too.

Sign up below (2 mins) to become a Liven Pledge Partner today, or contact us to learn more.

Join today to benefit from the waiver of all Care Package fees including Activation Fee, Platform Fee, Credit Card Fees and Early Termination Fee.

Valid only for Sign Ups from now until July 1st, 2020. Don't miss out!

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Hear from Lotus Dining, Lee Ho Fook, and Ho Jiak on why they believe Liven Care Packages are the best solution to drive value for restaurants right now!