Imagine getting paid to eat the food of your choice. Now imagine there’s an app for that. Well, your imagination is our reality! 😘


Liven is a rewards and loyalty platform, operating throughout Australia that hooks you up with food nearby from thousands of venues. (Don't worry if you don't live in AUS, we're expanding to the UK and US later this year.)

Rated one of the best apps for iPhone in 2018, the Liven app functions unlike any other.

A rewards and loyalty app with an edge

Liven is a dining app with an inbuilt payments platform - that makes restaurant discovery easy, as well as your dine-in experience. Using the app, you pay for your meal or drinks with one simple click (and look uber tech savvy in front of your friends, fam, or date), and earn cash rewards for the next time you dine out. Yup, so for all those who love eating out (and let’s admit it, that’s all of us), you get rewarded each and every time you dine out.
That means when you buy your main squeeze that delectable Messina gelato cone, you can save $ and use it for purchasing your lunch at 8bit the next day, and then use the savings from lunch to buy your mum brunch on Sunday at Hobba. 🤯

The best dining app that gives back

Liven isn’t about just giving things away. The purpose is much bigger than this.


Liven is designed to revolutionise the entire hospitality industry, and admittedly, it’s no easy feat — that’s why LivenCoin was created.
When Liven first launched, it gave its customers Liven Cash, a internal credit currency to be redeemed at partnered merchants. Recognising the loyalty program had legs, Liven launched it’s cryptocurrency, LivenCoin (LVN), to allow transactions to be verified by the blockchain ledger.

Don’t know a lot about blockchain technology? That’s OK. Liven’s main goal is to create a cryptocurrency, or a digital currency, for everyday use by everyday people. Liven is one of very few cryptocurrencies that can be used at thousands of brick and mortar businesses upon launch day. In addition to the fact that you can mine crypto for by eating!

This means you can use Liven the way you always have. Guaranteed to be the tastiest ‘coin’ you will ever get your hands on, LVN can be saved up indefinitely, spent at any merchant in the Liven ecosystem, sent to friends or family, or traded on a crypto exchange. But on top of that, Liven also allows customers to donate to a charity within the app’s community. All donations made (above the value of AUD $2) are also tax deductible.

It’s just as much about eating good as doing good, and being commensurately rewarded for your efforts. Bon appetit!