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Mitchell Reeves

Feb 8, 2019

3 min read

LivenPay Wins Blockchain & Digital Currency Vertical XTC 2019

Following the 2018/19 new year, both Liven offices reopened in the first week of January and the team was straight back into running the business & moving the LVN Token Sale along.

Co-Founders Grace Wong (CMO) & William Wong (CEO) and Chief or Product Shahrooz Chowdhury were around for just a day before making the journey to Las Vegas, Nevada from Melbourne to present and showcase the Liven platform, LVN token and LivenPay project.

In late November it was announced that Liven had made the final top 10 of Richard Branson’s 2019 Extreme Tech Challenge sponsored by BitFury - which meant the opportunity to present at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show.

The winning top 3 from these 10 projects would be flown to Necker Island to pitch their project to Sir Richard Branson himself - so what did Liven present? And who?

The Future of Payments by Liven Co-founder & CMO Grace Wong

Presenting Liven’s multi-faceted value is a difficult task and there is no other better to speak it than our Co-founder and Chief of Marketing Grace Wong.

If any of you have seen Grace speak, you’ll know that you find yourself informed, humoured and curious all at the same time. Grace delved into how Liven is changing payments, loyalty and small business marketing - and explained where exactly our token fits in. Grace made comparisons to Bitcoin and drove home how Liven is creating frictionless payments.

Liven is a mobile payments & rewards wallet for everyday lifestyle purchases. The app itself and the network it powers has been built and established since first starting up in 2014, seeing multiple revisions and adaptions over the years to now host over 420,000 people transacting at over 1,000 merchants.

Liven uses the value created out of transactions to award users with our (actually) useful network currency - LivenCoin (LVN). LVN can be donated to charity, saved indefinitely, sent to friends or most importantly used as a payment method at any Liven merchant. And soon, LVN is to be tokenised (put) on the blockchain to make it truly borderless.

The future of LVN’s utility, usability and purchasing power are determined both by Liven’s success as a business and a mathematical formula called the Reward Protocol. First versions of our network currency came to fruition in early 2017, and we’re excited to be applying blockchain and cryptocurrency to enhance the experience for our users, merchants, and charities, in addition to helping along the adoption of cryptocurrency as a mainstream means of exchange.

You can read more about our global payments project and specifics of the LVN token system in the Liven Whitepaper - if you’re keen to purchase some LVN tokens register at livenpay.iofor the February launch of the public offering.

Liven wins XTC’s Digital Currency & Blockchain Vertical

Presenting alongside Liven in the top 10 were extremely notable projects in blockchain, digital currency and otherwise. This includes Last of Ours, a wildlife conservation project using Ethereum to create non-fungible tokens which mirror vulnerable animal populations.

Liven is humbled to be awarded by BitFury as winners of the Digital Currency & Blockchain vertical - we finished 4th, just missing the top 3. Nonetheless the team is grateful for the experience, the new connections and for the opportunity to present our platform at the world’s largest technology summit.

‘Airdropping’ LVN @ the LivenPay Booth
In similar fashion to Startup Grind APAC down in Australia (though on a slightly larger scale), our team met thousands of attendees over the few days and gave many of them their first experience of the Liven app & wallet.

Anyone curious enough to chat and meet the team were airdropped tokens instantly and freely using Liven’s private network.

Liven is excited for more opportunities to present and network, especially after the LVN token is launched on the blockchain - we'll see you around!

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