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Jan 23, 2019

3 min read

LivenPay Project Update #003

LivenPay wins the blockchain and digital currency verticles for #XTC2019 & presents at #CES2019 in Las Vegas, LivenPay presents at #SGAPAC, LivenPay’s peer-to-peer payment tech used for localised airdrops, Liven 5.7 Product Update, LivenPay BitcoinTalk Bounty Campaign launches & much moreSummary

  • LivenPay wins the Blockchain & Digital Currency vertical of Sir Richard Branson’s Extreme Tech Challenge
  • LivenPay presents at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • The LivenPay Token Sale receives a 4.5 rating on ICOBench
  • LVN Public Token Sale launching mid-Feb - LivenPay team makes an official announcement
  • CMO Grace Wong & CEO William Wong present at Startup Grind APAC, crowd goes wild for Grace
  • The LivenPay team attends Startup Grind APAC, all three food providers partner with Liven, the team airdrop LVN tokens to hundreds of Startup Grinders from the LivenPay booth using our new peer-to-peer transfer technology
  • LivenPay Bounty Campaign run from BitcoinTalk begins - new Telegram Community created to support bounty hunters
  • Liven implements first iterations of the future of peer to peer commerce, allowing users to purchase unique gift cards or credit by sending LVN to the designated @shop account
  • Liven 5.7 is released with a referral system overhaul and notable UX improvements
  • Snaxmas! Liven gamifies the month of December with 12 days of Snaxmas
  • Amazing new merchant partnerships - Dragon Hot Pot, Gotcha, Lanzhou Noodle & many, many more


Happy New Year! We're well into the year and the first few weeks of 2019 have been productive and eventful, the team are pumped for the year to come.

Now that the echo of Christmas carols has left our ears we are back to full speed, with new product releases (Liven 5.7), the XTC Challenge Pitch in Las Vegas at CES, and further preparation for the LVN Token Sale to go public in February (announcement below).

The team also attended Startup Grind APAC at Melbourne’s Convention & Exhibition Centre, where the crowd went wild for our Founder & CMO Grace Wong.

Let’s get to it.

Product News

Liven v5.7 - The Referral Overhaul
Liven’s referral system and underlying back-end architecture has been overhauled to enable a more robust and responsive referral system - the reward for referring your mates is now in LVN, deposited directly into your wallet, and you’ll be able to see the status of all your referrals from within the Liven app.

Read the full update here

Ecosystem News

Liven gamified the month of December with 12 days of Snaxmas. Up until the 22nd of December, users discovered new merchant-specific incentives each day.

Liven implements first iterations of the future of peer to peer commerce
Utilising instant & free peer to peer transactions, @shop has been created for users to send LVN to and receive gift cards or credit. The returns of @shop is determined through random number generation.

See the official launch of @shop here

Amazing merchants join the Liven network
The Liven network of merchants, charities and users continues expanding with several thousand downloads per day and fantastic new brands such as Dragon Hot Pot, Gotcha, Lanzhou Noodle & many more coming onboard.

Community News

XTC Challenge 2019 & “The Future of Payments & Loyalty” by Founder & CMO Grace Wong at CES2019 - Las Vegas, USA
Along with the rest of the top 10 finalists Liven competed for a chance to pitch directly to Sir Richard Branson himself on Necker Island. Though we didn’t take the top spot, Liven placed 4th while winning the Blockchain & Digital Currency Verticals.

Taking home the Bitfury sponsored Blockchain & Digital Currency awards is a great achievement for Liven and Grace’s presentation was well received. While abroad, founders Grace & Will and Chief of Product Shahrooz Chowdhury toured the states meeting up with various technical & industry partners.

Startup Grind APAC Conference
On 6 & 7 December the LivenPay team attended Startup Grind’s Australia & Pacific Conference at Melbourne’s Convention & Exhibition Centre. Founders Grace Wong & William Wong presented seperately on both days and the core team airdropped hundreds of attendees using Liven’s peer-to-peer payment tech.

Read our follow up of the event here

Startup Grind APAC Local Airdrop
Utilising the existing Liven app & wallet, everyone existing or new to Liven was airdropped 250 LVN from a staff account with the Liven username @sugardaddy. These transfers were free and instant thanks to Liven’s private side-chain.

LVN Public Token Sale Dates Confirmed
LivenPay announces the public sale of LVN tokens for mid-February 2019 - read more in the official announcement here.

LVN BitcoinTalk Bounty Launches
The LVN BitcoinTalk Bounty Program launched on the 21st of February - see the official thread here.

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