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Jan 9, 2019

2 min read

LVN Announcement: Public Token Sale Launching Feb 2019

It has been an exciting journey since Liven first began planning the launch of our borderless digital currency LVN in early 2018.

The Ethereum-based token will allow us to rapidly expand the Liven network overseas and revolutionise peer-to-peer exchange between consumers, merchants and charities.

The cryptocurrency and blockchain space itself was volatile and unpredictable in 2018, but sentiment is now improving as the market matures and consolidates.

Given this, we feel the timing is now right for the next step in Liven’s journey towards fully utilising cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to take our platform to the next level.

The LVN token has already massively impacted our business

The LVN token system will be launched on the Ethereum blockchain when the Token Sale completes and tokens have been generated (estimated April 2019). However, our users and our business have already been significantly impacted by LVN.

The LVN token has widened the scope of our project incredibly, and in September 2018 we migrated our platform over to an alpha version of the LVN token system privately within our network, which now enables users with instant and free transfers of the LVN digital currency.

We have been eager to launch the LVN token system on the public blockchain, however as a business it has been more important for us to prioritise our existing network and to postpone until best time for the launch of our public sale. We are now happy to announce the continuing development of our network and launch LVN’s public sale February 2019.

The Public Sale of LVN Tokens Will Launch February 2019

The team has been heavily aware of market’s sentiment throughout the year, which is now consolidating as many loose-footed projects and outright scams fall out of the space.

We will be joining many other great projects in the Australian crypto & blockchain landscape and across the globe and officially be launching the public sale of LVN tokens in February 2019.

Upon launch, one will be able to access the LivenPay Token Sale dashboard from, register an account and purchase tokens.

To apply to join the private pre-sale before it closes, please head to and register immediately.


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