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New To Liven Sydney: Desserts, Bubble Tea, Buns, and Vietnamese! 🍲

Keith the Intern

Mar 27, 2019

4 min read

Hey, Sydney!

We're back with the hottest desserts, buns, bubble tea, and some of Sydney's best Vietnamese! 🔥 Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts are all sorted. You're welcome!

YiFang Taiwan Fruit Tea

Goulburn St, CBD | Burwood | Chatswood | Cabramatta | Eastwood
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Taiwanese • Bubble Tea • Fresh

A bubble tea queue worth the wait – YiFang is one of Sydney’s most refined tea spots, with a reputation for quality produce. A proud Taiwanese sweetheart, they have over 600 locations back in Taiwan! Do you know they add pineapple jam as a flavour enhancer, made from a 100-year-old recipe from the founder’s family? Definitely not to miss, we recommend their intensely sweet and fresh signature fruit tea!

Our Top Picks: White Gourd Lemonade and Winter Melon Latte.

The Choc Pot

Regent Place Shopping Centre
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Desserts • Chocolate • Sweet

Chocoholics - here’s one for you! The Choc Pot’s top-notch brownie sundaes, waffles, and cakes will leave you mesmerised, and thinking - what is life without chocolate? Treat yourself to a Rainbow Waffnut - it’ll be love at first taste!

Our Top Picks: 'Rainbow Waffnut' and 'Red Velvet Brownie Sundaes'.

Madame Nhu

Chatswood | Surry Hills
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Vietnamese • Casual • Elegant

A slice of old Saigon in the heart of Sydney, Madame Nhu boasts an elegantly iconic French interior. Simple yet refined, let their food take you on an immersive experience of the senses. Considered one of Sydney’s hidden gems, their pho is a jealously guarded secret. It’ll leave a tasty impression pho sure!

Our Top Picks: 'Caramelised Slow-cooked Chicken Gà Kho' and 'Grilled Lemongrass Pork Summer Rolls'.


333 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010
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Vietnamese • Street Food • Buzzing

Serving authentic home-style fare, Xage brings us back to the bustling streets of Vietnam. Cheap yet chic, they take the art of balancing spices, herbs and flavours to another level, continually surprising us with crunchy freshness in each dish. We’re feelin’ a summer roll party tonight!

Our Top Picks: 'Hội An Papaya Salad with BBQ Duck Fillet, basil, chilli dressing' and 'Crispy-skin Pork Belly in light salt and pepper seasoning'.

The Bun Gallery

Shop 2/79 Quay St, Haymarket NSW 2000
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Chinese • Buns • Classic

Welcome to bun heaven! The Bun Gallery is a dreamy trip back to old China. Take a bite of their signature pork buns. Juicy and tender, they won’t disappoint. They’re soft, fluffy, handmade with care, and you’ll get a full view of the chefs live at work through the glass window! Dinner and a show? Mmm, take me there.

Our Top Picks: 'Signature Pork Buns' and 'Kung Bao Chicken with Peanuts'.

Meet Fresh

13 Goulburn St, Haymarket
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Taiwanese • Desserts • Herbal Jelly

Home to magical Taiwanese herbal desserts, Meet Fresh is a spot that you’ll find yourself returning to again and again. Their bowls consist of all of the best fresh dessert ingredients - tapioca pearls, chewy taro balls, sweet tofu pudding, aromatic herbal jelly, and more! With an enormous serving sizes, grab your friends and share the love! Great for summer and late night sweet feeds. They’re open until midnight, every day!

Our Top Picks: 'Signature Herbal Jelly' and 'Shaved Mango Ice'.


Keith the Intern

Keith the Intern aka recently promoted Assistant to the Assistant Copywriter. I drink bubble tea for a living.