TL;DR 🧐🤷‍♂️

It’s official! The engineers at Liven have hit the NOS and gone full turbo, creating the Ferrari of COVID contact tracing. We call it Passport.

Passport is a solution that helps you easily check into restaurants (for RONA tracing) so that you can focus on what’s really important - blowing your house deposit on that boujee smashed avo. AMIRITE?

We’re not sure about you, but we are pretty stoked. The days of sharing your details using pen and paper (god only knows how many people have touched) are gone.  I mean... COME ON people - it's 2020 😅.

What an Absolute VIBE! Tell Me How it Works 👌😍

For our wonderful Liven loyalists the process can't get easier. To check-in, simply scan the QR code found in venue and click confirm. It's REALLY that painless. Should you have any mates (muggles) that don't use Liven, don't stress. They'll just need a few additional seconds to manually type in their details.

For Liven Users

For Non-Magical Folk (Non-Liven Users)

But... what about Data? 👀

Unlike other solutions on the market, Liven has a solid background in data security, having managed sensitive transactional information for years. We understand how important privacy is to you and have built a system that is as secure as possible. Restaurants are only supplied with information required for contact tracing which is then disposed of after 28 days - as per government regulations.

I Need to Try This Wizardry NOW 💫

Wanna see just how quick and painless it is? Give the QR code below a scan and wait for your mind to be blown 🔥. Liven users will be directed to our 'Automatic' in-app check in whereas non users will be sent to a super fun chatbot. (If you are reading this on your mobile you'll obvi need to scan with another phone).

We are also posting awesome user videos over on our Instagram account for those of you who want to see passport being used in the wild. Unfortunately we blew all our money on engineering so Richard in finance won't let us spring for an 'influencer'.