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Quick Fixes for Better Customer Relations in the Hospitality Sector

Jun 14, 2024

In today's digital age, your loyalty program must keep pace to stay relevant. By going digital, customers can effortlessly earn points through their profiles without the hassle of carrying physical punch cards. For venues, this means seamlessly gathering valuable purchase data to personalise marketing efforts and boost engagement.

Loyalty programs do more than just increase foot traffic; they forge strong connections with customers by offering exceptional experiences and meaningful rewards. This approach not only drives visits and boosts revenue but also enhances overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

To implement a foolproof loyalty program at your venue, it's crucial to clearly define your goals and understand how the program integrates into your customer journey. Here are five simple tips to enhance customer relationships and elevate your loyalty program:

  1. Create a Unified Experience
    • Traditional loyalty programs, like punch cards, were effective in their time. However, today's customers expect digital solutions that reward them across all channels—in-store, online, or elsewhere. Digital loyalty solutions, such as those offered by Liven, allow customers to earn rewards from any transaction. Rewards or brand dollars can be conveniently stored in the Liven Wallet for easy access and use.
  2. Tailor Promotions for a Personalised Touch
    • Engage your super-fans by showing them that your venue has exactly what they need. Use customer data to create personalised promotions instead of generic rewards. Start by emailing customers, building a loyal customer database, sending bulk personalised SMS messages, and using POS data for targeted offers. Personalised loyalty programs can include special event invitations, exciting giveaways, exclusive birthday offers, and special deals. The goal is to excite customers and encourage quick returns to your venue.
  3. Switch to Loyalty Over Discounting Incentives
    • Discounting can harm your venue by training customers to only show up for deals instead of valuing your service and experience. While discounts might provide a quick boost in sales, they usually don’t build real loyalty and can devalue your offerings over time. Focus on rewarding customers with a loyalty program that encourages them to return more often, spend more, and share their love for your brand.
  4. Leverage Customer Data Effectively
    • Capture customer contact data, enrol them in your loyalty program, and register them for events seamlessly. Ensure your CRM integrates easily with your app, web forms, and loyalty platform. Liven Engage makes this easy with native integrations with Liven Nomnie, Magic App, and Liven Loyalty. Adding a QR code to every digital or physical receipt for customer sign-up and data sharing is a breeze with Liven but near impossible with most other solutions.
  5. Enhance Experiences Through Integration
    • Integrate your POS with your delivery service, online ordering system, and loyalty program. Ensure you are not paying extra for these integrations, which should come ready to go with solutions like Liven Engage. Improve customer experience by training your staff for excellent service, creating a welcoming atmosphere, and delivering high-quality food and drinks. Track these experiences easily with Liven Engage linked to your Abacus POS data.

We have plenty more insights and best practices to share about improving customer relationships with hospitality tech. Contact us today to learn how you can elevate your customer loyalty program and drive more business.

By following these tips and leveraging the right technology, you can create a seamless, rewarding experience for your customers that keeps them coming back.