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Mitchell Reeves

Nov 30, 2018

7 min read

The LivenCoin (LVN) Token Sale is Going Public, Let's Catch You Up


  • As of November 2018 the LivenPay project consists of over 400,000 users using Liven transacting at 1,000+ merchants and earning LivenCoin (LVN) on their meal, to be stored in their Liven Wallet for future use or donated to charity.
  • The LVN token is being launched on the Ethereum blockchain under the ERC-20 token standard.
  • LVN tokens have been available for purchase in a private pre-sale since May 2018, tokens will be publicly available soon at
  • The LVN Token Sale will be moving from private to public sale and results of the private sale will be announced soon.
  • See a brief overview of the project, history of the project, top announcements and press below
  • See the Liven Whitepaper, our Github and social links at the bottom of this post
  • Register to contribute to the project and purchase LVN tokens at

This post is not technical, if you know nothing about Liven, the LVN token or the technology we use, this post is for you. Do not interpret any of this as financial advice, everything here is purely for educational purposes.


Liven, LivenPay and LivenCoin (LVN).

Liven’s users, Liven’s merchant network and Liven’s charity network.

That’s a whole lot of Liven, what is all this?

Liven is an Australia-based start-up with offices currently in Melbourne and Sydney, and big plans to develop the world’s best digital economy for everyday lifestyle purchases.

Today, over 400,000 users are transacting at Liven’s network of partner merchants and with every transaction, are earning a percentage of their bill as LVN tokens.

Since May 2018, LVN tokens have been available for purchase in a private pre-sale at One could register on the LivenPay website and if deemed eligible, were offered LVN tokens for their contribution.

We’re excited to share details of the private pre-sale soon, and are even more excited to welcome the general public to purchase LVN tokens - the Public Token Sale launches soon at

In this post, you will find:

  1. A brief overview of the LivenPay project
  2. A brief history of Liven
  3. Links to key announcements, stories and press to date
  4. Community links at the bottom

Whether you are simply curious about Liven, or are eager to contribute to the project by purchasing LVN tokens, the most comprehensive resource for you is the Liven Whitepaper and the website.

Whitepapers are made to educate potential contributors on everything they would need to know about the project.

In ours, you’ll find everything about our project including Liven’s grand vision, how we intend to accomplish that vision, our expansion plans, our funding allocations, our business model, our team members, the LivenCoin token system (including the Reward Protocol) and a whole bunch more.

You can access the Liven Whitepaper here, and if you want to discuss the project or the LVN token, come chat with the team directly in our Telegram group!

Let’s get to it.

A Brief Overview

What is in the LivenPay project?

The Liven App

In the Liven App, users can:

  • Discover Liven merchants in curated lists, an intuitive map and search for specific merchant pages
  • Transact at Liven merchants instantly and without fees with the "Pay Now" button
  • Earn rewards in LVN on every transaction
  • View and maintain the Liven Wallet (see Liven Wallet below)
  • View important updates in the Liven Newsfeed

The Liven Wallet

The Liven Wallet is found within the Liven App and with it, users can:

  • Choose a Liven @username handle
  • View LVN funds
  • Send LVN to others in the network without fees
  • Top up LVN by purchasing with fiat currency ($AUD, $USD etc)
  • Change default debit/credit card payment method
  • View transaction history

The LivenPay Payment Gateway

LivenPay is a crypto+fiat payment gateway handling transactions between users, merchants and charities, it:

  • Allows users to pay with an elected debit/credit card and/or LVN as payment methods at any Liven merchant
  • Allows merchants to receive revenue from LivenPay transactions in local fiat currency or LVN tokens
  • Allows users to directly donate their LVN rewards to charity

The LivenCoin (LVN) Token

LVN is Liven's network utility currency — it is a token used as a payment method at any of Liven's merchant partners:

  • LVN is rewarded back to the user with every transaction made with the Liven app
  • LVN is stored in the Liven Wallet
  • LVN can be instantly sent between Liven users without fees
  • The value of LVN (aka its purchasing power), is dynamic and is determined by the Reward Protocol

All aspects of our project including the size of our network and the utility of the LVN token will be expanded upon massively and we look forward to having you along for the ride.

A Brief History

How did Liven get here?


High-school friends William Wong, David Ballerini and Grace Wong joined forces in 2014 to start Liven. The project began as a marketing initiative to serve the Sydney and Melbourne dining markets.

First mobile app - "Save & Donate"

In 2014 the first iteration of Liven’s mobile app for iOS and Android was released. This lifestyle aggregator MVP marketed merchants & their localised offers to users, and presented the opportunity for savings to be donated directly to Australia’s top charities.

Funds raised and Liven evolves to one-tap payments & rewards

In March 2017, Liven received $10 million funding from venture capital firm Mayfair 101 and both Liven’s business model and user-facing application evolved dramatically. The LivenPay payment gateway was born and so was LivenCash - the two were built into the Liven app to create first iterations of one tap payments and rewards. Users were now paying for meals and earning LivenCash instantly, which could be immediately donated to charity or saved for future spending.

LivenCash is great, but our goals are global

In late 2017, the team were advised that Liven's payment and rewards model was a perfect use-case for the new technologies of blockchain and cryptocurrency. In November, the team began heavily researching how the technology would solve the company's unique business problems and add value to the end-user.

LVN confirmed & Reward Protocol designed

In early 2018, development of the borderless digital currency LivenCoin (LVN) was confirmed and first versions of the Liven Whitepaper were drafted. LivenCash was pegged to the aussie dollar and served the platform well, but the static digital currency was only usable in Australia and no longer aligned with the company's global vision.

Liven Chief Science Officer & Co-founder Dr. David Ballerini designs the LVN token system and the unprecedented tokenomic model, the Reward Protocol, with business liability built in to maintain the purchasing power of each token.

Today, LVN is a valid payment method at any Liven merchant, and once activated on the blockchain will have its value determined by the Reward Protocol. Built into the Reward Protocol is a business liability, which ensures LivenCoin will always have internal purchasing power within the Liven network, regardless of external market fluctuations.

LivenCoin (LVN) private pre-sale begins

In May 2018, we threw a party and LivenCoin became available for purchase by approved applicants in a private presale. Contributors registered their interest to participate through, with applications then reviewed by the founders based on the details of their contribution and proof of caring.

LVN tokens publicly available shortly

Right now, we are closing out final private pre-sale requests and preparing for the launch of the public sale of LVN tokens. Once the public sale begins, potential contributors can register an account through our token sale dashboard at, and given they pass the KYC & AML (Know Your Client & Anti-money Laundering) checks, they can purchase LVN tokens with fiat currencies $USD & $AUD and cryptocurrency Ether (ETH).

Meanwhile LVN is built, Liven explodes

From the beginning of 2017 to November 2018:

  • 150,000 users turn into over 400,000
  • A handful of national brand partnerships become hundreds
  • Technical integrations with Point of Sale systems are established
  • The team goes from 15 to over 50
  • Office dog count goes from 1 to 3

Liven's established merchant and user network is paramount to the LVN token and the Liven ecosystem's success. Although the Public Token Sale has been a huge focus for many of our staff this year, ongoing business operations are a must for building a solid foundation for the project at large.

Thank you! Onwards, onwards, and upwards

Liven's success over the last few years would not be possible without the support, engagement and trust from our various communities including our loyal users, technical partners, business partners, advisors, press and of course our founders, staff and the office pups.

As above, we are eager to welcome the general public to contribute to the project & purchase LVN tokens and for now, please see the Liven app, Liven Whitepaper and all our social links below.

Our Top Announcements, Stories & Press

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