Jul 18, 2018

2 min read

The mobile crypto wallet that's easy to use and ready to spend

As more people learn about cryptocurrency, blockchain and crypto assets in general, new technologies are forming and breaking down the barriers to enter and use this new tech.

Alongside that, more businesses are accepting cryptocurrency as payment - making the technology an increasingly viable option for lifestyle spending and more.

There are still problems though - most people don't know where or how to buy cryptocurrencies and most user-facing apps are lacking a user experience we've come to expect as a minimum.

Before we get to the mobile crypto wallet that's easy to use and ready to spend, let's go over other current options.

How do I spend cryptocurrency in Australia?

  • Online: If you are trading digital coins using a crypto exchange like BTCmarkets, you can convert bitcoin to AUD (and a range of other cryptocurrencies). Then you can use the exchange to pay for goods and services online using platforms like BPAY and Poli, although there is usually a fee.
  • Bitcoin ATMs: These machines allow you to use a card to instantly convert your bitcoin to cash. They are a rare breed at present, although promises have been made to roll out 2900 more across the country in a joint venture between StarGroup and DigitalX.
  • In store: Using the website coinmap will give you a heatmap that shows you the vendors that accept bitcoin (and sometimes other crypto wallet methods). At present, in Sydney's CBD, there are 41 vendors that accept these digital currency payments, while Melbourne has 54 CBD locations.

How you can earn cryptocurrency just by dining out

Liven is a payment platform and a mobile digital wallet designed specifically for food lovers. It’s competitive edge is that it features its very own cryptotoken. Every time you use the app when paying for food at over 700 participating restaurants in the network, you earn a ‘digital currency’ called LVN. The LVN you earn can be redeemed anywhere in the network or donated to a featured charity - soon you can even send it to other people in the network!

The vendor doesn’t even need to accept cryptocurrency for you to use LVN to pay for your meal, with the app doing the conversions and handling all the boring stuff - so you can just eat, spend and earn with your food money!

At any of Liven's merchant partners, you'll earn somewhere between 10-40% of your bill instantly.

Your favourite pizza shop might even accept LVN, if they're one of the 700 strong members of the Liven network, meaning you can reap the benefits of great food with the added incentive of earning cryptocurrency as well.


Welcome to Livenpay platform and the LVN cryptocurrency.