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The Power of Integration: Benefits of a Unified Tech Stack

Jul 1, 2024

You started out to deliver amazing food and customer experiences, but have you ended up as an IT admin instead? Many restaurants and QSR brands juggle over 32 different technologies per venue, leading to scattered data, complex integrations, and time-consuming staff training. This fragmented approach increases costs, adds stress, and reduces efficiency.

Liven One changes the game by offering a single, integrated system for all your tech needs: POS, digital ordering, procurement, loyalty programs, and delivery.

When selecting your next POS, look beyond the POS

Whether you are selecting a new POS, looking for lower-cost payment solutions, wanting to add direct delivery integrations or catering, look beyond the single solution for a platform that works as one. It will do more for you. Look for:

1. Cost Savings: 

Consolidating your tech stack can significantly reduce your costs. Liven One lowers core technology expenses for hospitality vendors by over 75%–that’s money you can put back into your business. Hot tip: Liven can do a full technology audit for you, determining the ROI and benefits of a unified hospitality solution. Just ask, and we’ll swing by and have it completed in under 45 minutes!

2. Unified Data: 

When all your systems are unified, your data can seamlessly flow between them. This means no more isolated information; from customer preferences in OrderUp to inventory levels in Zeemart—you'll have a complete view of everything.

3. Enhanced Customer Experience:

Liven One integrates all your essential systems for a smoother and more consistent customer experience. From viewing order history in OrderUp to tracking customer behaviour in Liven Loyalty, data can be seamlessly transferred between systems, allowing you to create offers and experiences that cause customers to return more and spend more.

4. Simplified Operations:

Streamlining all your data and systems, from the back to the front end, allows for better control over inventory, menu pricing, and supply chain management. With the back-of-house connected to the kitchen and then to customer ordering, 100% control and visibility are a certainty.

5. Scalability: 

Everyone starts with their first store—many grow to more. So, will you constantly add new technology or simply switch on new functionality with a click? Whether it is the industry’s most advanced KDS and Enterprise Management or switching on catering or direct delivery integrations, when you are on one scalable platform, it will keep growing with you.

By integrating all systems and enabling seamless data flow, Liven One empowers you to do more for less. Let’s chat about how Liven One is ready to elevate your business. Bon appétit!