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What is Liven? | How You Can Get Paid to Eat Out

Jun 24, 2022

Do you fancy yourself a bit of a foodie? Do you love discovering new, exciting restaurants to dine out at with friends and family? Well, imagine getting paid to eat out. Now, imagine there's an app for that.

There is! It's Liven: where you can discover, eat, earn... and repeat! In this article, we explain what Liven is and explore the different ways it can reward you for simply doing (and eating) what you love.

What is Liven?

Liven is a social dining app that allows savvy diners to get paid for doing what they love - eating out! With thousands of popular venues to choose from, app users can unlock in-app exclusive rewards to spend across the network and/or pre-purchase up to 100% bonus food dollars with their favourite brands.

Using the Liven app is as simple as 'download and discover'. Simply download the app, create an account and start browsing through delicious restaurants, cafes, bubble tea stores and more near you! Pay for your meal with a simple click of a button and earn instant rewards to spend on your next meal.

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How you can get paid to eat out

Liven is all about spreading the love. Liven makes sure they reward their fantastic feast seekers amply for being part of the Liven community. There are two ways you can get paid to dine out and eat more for less with Liven: 

Rewards | Earn as you eat

Find a restaurant that tickles your taste buds, pay for your meal with the Liven app and earn up to 30% back in LVN Rewards. The LVN you earn is yours to spend as you wish, whether you want to spend it on your next feast or send it to a friend.

Foodollars | Buy now, eat more

For the savvy savers, there are Foodollars. Think of Foodollars as foodie credits you can buy in advance and spend when whenever you like (yup, they have NO expiry date). And the best part? When you pre-purchase Foodollars, you can score up to 100% bonus Foodollars instantly. That's right - up to double the food. Twice as nice! Liven's guarantee protects your Foodollars, so they're a completely risk-free way to fund your future feasting. 

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Last, but not least, a massive shout out to the merchants that starred in our video: Auvers Cafe, Toastie Smith, Messina, Bubble Nini and Kurtosh!