All my Liven release notes.

Ahoy Liveneers, ‌‌

Keith (the intern) here to bring you updates that are hotter than the dance moves you secretly practice in the shower. So put down that book you were pretending to read, and make sure there’s no liquid in your mouth to spit out spontaneously, because here is Liven 7.5.2.‌‌

Suggest a Care Package Restaurant 🥳‌‌

We’ve seen huge success so far with our Care Packages. Having provided meaningful support to our partners, we have decided to open it up to the hospitality industry at large! You can now suggest a restaurant that isn’t yet on Liven (I use the term Muggle), and select an amount you would want to spend on a care package if they came on board. We will then get in touch and try to bring them on board. You can find this when your search results come back empty, on the home screen or on the profile screen.‌‌


Visualise Care Package Rates 🤩‌‌

Instead of making you hop around our Care Packages like a game of musical chairs, we decided to make things a bit easier for you to navigate. You can now see the maximum bonus rate that our proud partners are providing you when navigating Care Packages. ‌‌

Care Package Promotion 😍‌‌

Just when you thought it can’t get any better, it has. You can now get promotions, on existing Liven Care Packages. This means you can literally get some for free. I was listening to my team explain this to me, and I couldn’t understand why we are just giving away free food. Seems like your next set of noods could be free.‌‌

How can I find these Promotions?‌‌

Another thing I learned about today, was what an influencer is. Turns out, we have a bunch of these influencers on our Instagram channel, that are going to help us give out this free food.‌‌

Where can I use these promotions?‌‌

When you apply a promotion, you can use it on any Liven Care Package that has a lightning bolt next to it (it looks pretty cool). I swear this has nothing to do with me recently watching Harry Potter again.

Other changes:

  • New Receipt
  • Promotion Drop Downs‌‌

As always, it’s been a pleasure to guide you through the latest app release. I will now go back to my activity today of dressing up like I'm exercising, and then having a nap.

Keith The Intern (trying to pivot to influencer) 🌮 🍣 🧀