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3 Tips to Reduce Wait Times at Your Restaurant

Oct 10, 2022

As a restaurant owner, you want to ensure that your guests are happy and have a great experience. But sometimes, wait times get in the way of that. In this article, we'll be going through our top 3 tips for reducing wait times. But before that, have you got an amazing venue yourself? Apply now to become a Liven merchant and we'll help you showcase your vibe to our community of foodies!

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Offer a QR code menu or online ordering service

A QR code menu allows customers to order their food without having to stand in line or use a mobile app. Instead, they simply scan the QR code with their smartphone and complete the order on their phone screen. This reduces wait times because customers don't have to interact with staff members at all. 

You can also reduce wait times by offering online ordering through platforms such as Order Up! Order Up! is a leading online ordering platform with best-in-class technology for contactless table ordering, pickup, delivery & room service. For example, customers can Tap or Scan to view your menu on their own device, as well as order and pay at the table

Automate your process with self-service kiosks

If you don't have the time to train staff on new technology or software, consider automating more of your processes by introducing self-service kiosks, such as Abacus’ self-ordering kiosk, into your restaurant's dining area or bar area. Self-service kiosks have been gaining popularity in restaurants for years — they can be used for everything from placing orders to paying bills. Customers can fully browse the menu and place their own orders — eliminating the need for staff members to take orders from tables where there might be multiple people ordering food and drinks at once. Kiosks are also a great way to get rid of some of those small tasks that add up over time and make it harder for employees to focus on providing top-notch customer service.

Focus on staff training

When it comes to reducing wait times at restaurants, training your staff can make all the difference in the world! Make sure each employee fully understands the basics of customer service, as well as what they should and shouldn't do during each shift. It's also important to make sure your employees are trained on how to handle certain situations — such as when a customer is upset about their order being incorrect or cold. It’s also important to hire enough staff members during peak hours. 

And those are the 3 tips we have for reducing wait times and increasing customer satisfaction! Find out more about how Liven can help you cultivate your community of satisfied super-fans who attend more frequently, bring their friends and spend more.