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Dispute Resolution

Effective Date: 10 June 2020

At Liven we are committed to dealing with customer complaints promptly and resolving issues in accordance with our policies and all relevant regulatory standards.

If you wish to make a complaint about our services, including our complaints process, you can contact us as set out below or via the Support function on our website . Please include your name, email address and/or telephone number and set out as much information as possible concerning your complaint.  Please include any attachments, such as screenshots and information including your operating system (if your complaint relates to the functioning of our website or app).

We treat all information submitted in connection with a complaint in confidence. Any information collected during the internal dispute resolution process is collected in accordance with our Privacy Policy for the purpose of evaluating and improving the process.

Dispute Resolution Timeframes

We aim to acknowledge receipt of all complaints within 5 business days and to resolve all complaints within 30 days. This may not be possible in all circumstances and will depend upon the nature of any particular complaint.

We will contact you about your complaint and may ask you to provide more information.

Where relevant, we will contact the person or merchant you are complaining about and provide them with a copy of your complaint. We will ask for their comments and any other information relevant to the complaint.

Where we cannot resolve a complaint within 30 days, we will notify you of the reasons for the delay and we will provide you with an indication of when we expect to resolve the complaint.

Dispute Resolution Outcomes

We will give you a written response to your complaint and the reasons for reaching a particular decision. Where practicable, our response will refer to applicable provisions in legislation, policies and regulations. If you think that we have failed to address your complaint satisfactorily, we will provide you with information about any further steps you can take.

We will review our Internal Dispute Resolution Process every 12 months to ensure that our processes are operating effectively.

Contact Us

For further information about our Internal Dispute Resolution Process, or make a complaint, please contact us using the details set out below:

Customer Advocate

Liven Pty Ltd

Level 19, 15 Williams Street, Melbourne VIC 3000