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4x More Daily Revenue?

Nov 1, 2023

We get asked frequently, “Will kiosks dilute my counter revenue or add more revenue to my venue? The answer is simple.

We typically see a 2-4x increase in daily trading revenue when a kiosk is installed. This pattern won’t be the same for every venue type. But for any high-volume hospitality business operator, think of Kiosks as the ultimate revenue multiplier.

High-volume businesses include; bubble tea, coffee, lunch cafes, dessert bars, ice cream and gelato, fast food, QSR and more.

So where might a Kiosk do exceptionally well?

  1. High volume trading windows - anywhere where trading volumes are concentrated - perhaps lunch or breakfast. Here customers want to be confident of fast service or avoid the line.
  2. High volume traffic - where customers walk by select food and place orders without entering the venue.
  3. Centralised or off-venue ordering is a growing trend - Given the variety and high foot traffic, kiosks can facilitate easy ordering from multiple vendors in one centralised system - or for a single vendor at a location close to the venue.

What if more revenue was risk-free?

For many operators, Kiosks feel high-cost and complex to deploy. The reality is the opposite. Look for a POS vendor with a Kiosk offering - then the two seamlessly integrate, making set-up easy. Then, look for a vendor with flexible pricing options - rent to own, deferred payments, and more.

But wait, there’s more!

That venue which just doubled or quadrupled sales, also did something else. 

They did it without increasing their staff and instead scaling revenue off a fixed cost that is always on, always serving and always upselling. 

One of the beauties of Kiosks (and any digital ordering) is that the customer pathway to an order is always managed how you would expect it to be. For instance, you might always want add-ons offered - or the special of the day to be shown - or a reminder to order a drink. This always happens with a Kiosk.

And, your employees are more available to provide better service and do more with customers.

Let's talk about your revenue aspirations and how a Kiosk might help.