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5 Cute Dates For You + Ur Boo This Valentine's Day in Melb - 2019 💕

Keith the Intern

Jan 22, 2019

6 min read

Getting triple cheesies delivered to your doorstep and kicking back for a Netflix binge sounds like a decent date night, right? Sometimes, sure; we'll give you that.

But on Valentine's Day? Step it up. Here are five alternate activities. We've even suggested amazing places nearby to eat. You're welcome.


Reunion Island Rooftop Pool Club

Melbourne Central, Level 3 | 10am - 9:30pm

Reunion Island is turning Melbourne's Centrals rooftop into a summer sanctuary with palms, a bespoke bar menu, poolside lounges and 10 temperature controlled plunge pools. General admission is $10, but if you wanna go for a dip, grab a 1 - 2 hour private pool ticket. 2 hr bookings include 4 free bevs, too. It's the perfect day out for you and yo' S.O.

Reunion Island has also partnered up with one of Melbourne's burger greats, Easey’s, to serve up LA-style poolside fare. Grab your tix here.

Eat at... Sam Sam

Melbourne CBD | QV Centre
Eat & Earn 10% LVN

All that lounging worked you up an appetite? Sam Sam Korean Chicken and Beer on Swanston is just a brisk 7 minute walk from St Jeromes.

We all know fried chicken is (debatably) the best way to end a date. 😉 Order their Hot & Spicy chicken and back it up with a cold Korean beer or soju.

Phillip Island Glamping

Ventnor, Phillip Island | Check for dates available

Say cya l8r to the city and trek off into the (light to moderate) wilderness for a night or two off (but still kinda on) the grid. There are plenty of amazing glamping options in the area - but after some research, we think "Sheltered Glamping" hosted by Randall, Kat & their two little one's Isabel and Eva takes the cake. They offer a range of 6 gorgeous tents and have certainly taken a minute to think about the little things that make your time away super special - like a quality queen sized bed, bespoke local furniture, warm lighting and modern comforts such as a kettle and quality music speaker.

To top it off, for each booking made Randall & Kat make charitable donations to projects and organizations that make a difference. Now that's a major brownie points date. Browse their 6 tents here.

Eat at... Local Fresh Food Stores

Ventnor, Phillip Island

Visit local fresh food stores (with the reusable bags provided in your tent) and gather the ingredients for a picnic breakfast, a spread of fruit to beat all others or a antipasto platter on the beach front. A little Webber BBQ will be supplied for any of your cooking needs!

You're campsite is a short 10 minute walk from Phillip Island Estate Winery, famous for their Estate Pinot Noir and Estate Chardonnay. Drop by and pick up a couple of bottles to accompany your meal!

Rippon Lea Barefoot Cinema

192 Hotham St, Elsternwick | 6:00 - 11:00 PM

An outdoor cinema finds a home on the grass of Rippon Lea Estate - Australia’s last suburban 19th century mansion. Built in 1868 for Sir Frederic Sargood and his wife, Marion, Rippon Lea Barefoot Cinema now welcomes guests to the charming estate, for a night of wine, aperitivo, live entertainment and film.

On Valentine's Day, Ripponlea is screening the 1990 classic "Pretty Woman." The ultimate unlikely love story and the perfect flick for your date night. Bring a beanbag/picnic rug/deck chair and park up a prime viewing spot. Doors open 6pm for early drinks and activities, while the movie starts up at 8:30pm. You're welcome to bring yo own food (although there's plenty there), but alcohol can only be purchased on site.

Eat at... Truffles Patisserie.

St Kilda
Eat & Earn 20% LVN

If you're packing a picnic basket to bring along to the outdoor cinema, we would highly recommend a stop by Truffles Patisserie for a dessert stock up.

Ex owners of Europa cake shop, the husband and wife team bake their desserts and cakes fresh daily. You'll find an array of danishes, donuts, crispy French style croissants and tarts. The perfect picnic basket addition.

Valentine's Day Couple Painting Class - Painting (your) Partners

Polly Bar, Fitzroy | 6:45 – 9:30 pm

Now here's a fun one. Take your partner along to Painting Partners - a social art class where students paint (hopefully) beautiful portraits of their partners.

It don't matter whether you're the Pablo Picasso or stick figure doodling type; Painting Partners is designed for artists of all skill levels. Their supportive instructors will provide step-by-step portrait instructions if you need 'em - helping you to make your painting as unoffensive as possible. All equipment required will be provided and food and wine will be available for purchase. Tickets here!

Eat at... Elektra

Eat & Earn 20% LVN

A quirky little Fitzroy hideout - homing a killer mango smoothie with agave syrup and a secret hint of cardamom. Elektra's dairy and sugar free treats will definitely get your creative juices flowing before your forthcoming art class.

They shut @ 5, but that leaves a nice little window of time for your to take a wander around Fitzroy and maybe grab a couple of drinks before your 6:45 class.


Where ever you like | Whenever you like

And if all else fails (hey, we tried), Netflix will always be there for you. If you need some inspo, here's what we're loving on Netflix RN:

A summary:
If you don't already know the entire movie synopsis without actually having watched it... How? But anyway, the world has been overrun by a weird monster takes the form of it's viewers biggest fears. If you lay your eyes on it you instantly kill yourself - so naturally, everyone's wearing blindfolds. On another note, Machine Gun Kelly makes an acting cameo, snatching up a quick minute of fame - kinda like that time he had beef with Eminem... Wild.

A summary:
Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl (okay, he's Joe in this movie) gets creepy obsessed with a aspiring female writer and makes some pretty wild moves to keep 'em together. No spoilers, but expect chaos. Complete chaos.

A summary:
A direct quote from a colleague - "Ozark is like The Big Short meets Breaking Bad." We're not quite sure what this means, but it sure does found like fun. This crime-thriller features Jason Bateman laundering money in the back-woods of Missouri. With his family. Our interest has been piqued.

The Haunting of Hill House
A summary:
A now-adult family struggles with differentiated memories of the haunting of their childhood home, and the death of their mother. It's a real slow build, but if you're after a horror with substance and a solid sob on the series finale - this one's for you. Trust me; stick it out.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
A summary:
An unoffensive take on a childhood favourite. This revamp matures the themes of the earlier series wrapping up in '03. It's much darker, with a heavy horror focus - but it still makes room for all of the original key themes like growing up, young love and friendship. We're just a little sad that her cat Salem doesn't talk in this version.

Eat at... Gelato Messina

Windsor | Richmond | Fitzroy
Eat & Earn 10% LVN

I mean, what did you expect? Gelato + Netflix is a match made in heaven. Together, they could never fail us - especially when said gelato comes from one of Melbourne's favourites, Gelato Messina.

Pick up a tub for take away, take it home and grab two spoons. Ta-da! Heaven. We whole-heartedly recommend the Dulce De Leche gelato.


Keith the Intern

Keith the Intern aka recently promoted Assistant to the Assistant Copywriter. I drink bubble tea for a living.