The humble sandwich has evolved from it's schoolyard beginnings. Gone are the days of Vegemite slathered between two pieces of white bread, hastily cut into triangles. Now, we welcome the likes of the Katsu Sando and Banh Mi.

We're scoured Sydney for some of the best sangas to wrap your hands around. It's about to get real messy in here.


South Dowling Sandwiches

Sydney: Alexandria | Darlinghurst
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Gourmet • Fresh • Healthy

What makes their lines stretch outta the door daily? Their addictive, healthy and gourmet sandwiches and salads. DIY or pick from one or their house favourites. South Dowling is committed to only using the freshest ingredients, so naturally, everything here is prepared daily. But here's a MUST TRY: their caramelised carrots. People go bonkers for their them.


Sydney: Shop 3, 113-115 Oxford St, Darlinghurst
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Japanese • Brunch • Coffee

You've probably heard of their pork katsu sangas making the rounds. And for good reason too – these soft clouds melt in your mouth. Sandwiched between thick white cut bread (no crusts, your childhood self would be pleased) are pieces of succulent crispy pork, with nori, pickled carrot, salted cucumber, cabbage, cheese and their renowned tonkatsu mayo. At $10 a pop, they're a taste of Japanese fusion at its finest.

Banh & Butter

Sydney: Shop 7, 250 Pitt Street
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Vietnamese Eats • Sweets • Coffee

Bahn mi up! Bahn & Butter is a Vietnamese eatery that's FAMOUS for their foot long bahn mis. You can't go wrong with their classic baguette stuffed with steamed pork belly, Vietnamese ham, pate, onion, cucumber, pickled carrot & daikon, shallots, coriander, mayo, soy sauce and their house special sauce.

Mr Crackles

Sydney: 155 Oxford St, Darlinghurst
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Pork Crackling • Sandwich Rolls • Midnight Eats

Word of warning: deciding which Mr Crackles roll to order is a pretty tricky task. Which is why we've chosen for you (your indecisive self can thank us later). A must try is their Crackles Classic – a classic for a reason. Their mouth-watering, crisped skinned, 5 spiced, slow roasted pork belly is a mouthful to say and a mouthful to eat. It lies on a bed of Vietnamese salad in a soft bun – the perfect addition to their juicy pork.

La Luncha

Sydney: 222 Kent St, Sydney
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Latin Artisan Sanguches • Organic Bowls • Specialty Coffee

La Luncha serve up one-of-a-kind Latin sandwiches, perfect for something a little bit fancy. All their produce is seasonal, fresh and 100% organic – to the extent that they only use what's picked within the last 48 hours. Try the namesake, "The La Luncha", it features their famous slow roasted pork shoulder, slaw, sweet potato and chipotle aioli in a ciabatta roll.

The Sandwich Shop

Sydney: Haymarket | Surry Hills
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Artisan • Sandwiches • Salads

As they say here at The Sandwich Shop, "life is like a sandwich, you have to fill it with the best ingredients." That's why their made-to-order sandwiches are created with quality, organic sourdough, sauces and dressings made in-house and meat that is slow-cooked themselves. One to try is their BBQ Beef Brisket which is paired with caramelised onion, cheddar, dijon mustard, tomato and lettuce. I'm not salivating, you are.