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Better Together

Mar 15, 2024

Point of Sale, digital ordering, loyalty, and delivery are all better when working together - so why do hospitality vendors have to buy and run them apart? And then often spend more on other software to make it all work together (think about your branded delivery?).

The typical restaurant or QSR brand runs on over 32 distinct technologies. That’s 32 vendors, just as many integrations, data sitting in silos without insights, and the impossible task of training people to run it. And, let's hope nothing breaks, resulting in lots of finger-pointing.

Technology moves quickly, and what were once distinct technologies - like table ordering - have become features of or tightly integrated with cornerstone systems like point-of-sale platforms. Light inventory management features in POS have morphed into complete supply chain management solutions. Loyalty has moved beyond the punch card to offer rewards and incentives via branded currencies.

The opportunity now is for Hospitality Vendors of any shape and size to rethink their technology strategy. Central to getting this right is to start with first principles:

  1. Keep it open: Nix vendors looking to lock you in or fine you for not using their stack. There is a particularly bad trend of POS vendors punishing Hospo’s for not using their payment solution.
  2. Keep it integrateable: While a few vendors can offer a fully integrated solution, you might favour an alternate component from a different vendor. Today, leading POS vendors are locking Hospo’s into their preferred solutions to prop up their offering - and not all of these solutions are best-of-breed. Always favour a vendor that plays well with others.
  3. Own your data, own your customers: Too many solutions limit access to data and fail to integrate critical transactional data with their core customer data set. Ensure you always own your data and your customers.
  4. Ensure ownership of your SLA: Service level agreements ensure you get the service you need when needed. The more integrated the solution, the more control you have over service delivery.
  5. Pick a partner innovating for you, not themselves: So many of the technology acquisitions and innovations in the market are designed to reduce the costs of the technology provider - and increase the price to you. But what if the innovation significantly lowered your costs while opening the door to all the necessary technology? Look for this in a partner.

These are a few of the principles we used to guide the creation of Liven One. 

We’ve lowered the cost of the core technology needed by a Hospo vendor - however big or small - by over 75%. At the same time, we’ve enabled you to tap the industry’s #1 technology across loyalty, digital ordering, point of sale, CRM & marketing, and supply chain. By integrating them all and enabling a seamless data flow, we enable you to do more for less.

Let's chat about how we can reduce your technology costs and complexity and put technology to work to drive growth.