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Boosting your average order value

Oct 18, 2023

In the ever-evolving restaurant industry, one of the most critical metrics for success is the Average Order Value (AOV). A higher AOV can significantly impact your bottom line, and QR code table ordering is proving to be a game-changer in this regard. Let's explore how this technology can help you increase your AOV and elevate your restaurant's profitability.

Encourage customisation

Guests are more likely to increase their orders when they have the freedom to customise without the need for staff interaction. Research shows that 65% of diners prefer self-service options. With QR code ordering, diners have the power to tailor their orders to their exact preferences. This autonomy not only enhances the customer experience but also influences higher AOV.

By allowing guests to control their dining experience through QR codes, they feel more comfortable exploring additional options—extra toppings, sides, or doubling down on their favourite dessert. When customers see multiple options at their fingertips, they are more inclined to think big, resulting in higher order values. In fact, studies show that QR codes can increase AOV by approximately 12%.

Upselling and cross-selling made easy

Leverage upselling and cross-selling. With QR code table ordering, this becomes seamless and highly efficient. 

Generate automatic suggestions: OrderUp can automatically suggest add-ons to customers' orders. e.g, if a customer orders a pizza from your restaurant, the system can suggest adding a side of garlic bread, or a drink. This approach not only increases the AOV but also enhances the overall dining experience by introducing guests to complementary offerings.

Personalised recommendations: QR code ordering can even incorporate personalised recommendations based on a customer's previous orders or preferences. This targeted approach significantly influences upselling removing any friction between one item and an add on.

Self-service options: A Key to AOV Growth

When guests have the liberty to browse the menu at their own pace, without feeling rushed, they tend to explore more options and, in turn, spend more. 

Reduced pressure: Traditional ordering methods often involve interactions with staff members, which can sometimes feel pressuring. QR code ordering eliminates this pressure and allows guests to take their time in making choices.

Inhibition-free ordering: The ease of use and privacy that QR code ordering provides encourage customers to add more items to their order without hesitation, contributing to an increased AOV.

Additional orders placed: The ease of creating extra orders without having to rely on staff returning to the table increases the efficiency in which orders are placed and delivered enabling more items to be ordered in the same time period and removing the friction of relying on staff to realise the table is ready to order additional items. 

In a world where customers value control, personalisation, and ease of use, QR code ordering is your gateway to maximising the potential of each table and ensuring your restaurant's success in the competitive dining industry.