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Brandollars and your venue

Jun 6, 2023

Are you ready to reward your loyal customers with more bites and sips at your venue? Look no further – Brandollars are the ultimate way to provide them with a delightful treat and at the same time solidify that connection with your customers.

So, what exactly are Brandollars? They're your venue's secret weapon for rewarding your customers with the extra bites and sips ahead of time. Imagine buying now and eating more later, with the added benefit of no expiry date. That's right, even if your customers take years to spend their credit, we guarantee that their money is protected under the Liven Guarantee.

For example, diners on Liven can score a $20 bonus when they purchase a $20 food credit directly. With a $40 commitment upfront, future spend is locked in at your venue, even if the meal or drink isn't prepared yet. Diners have the freedom to redeem it when they want. It's a double-value offer that guarantees their enjoyment at your venue and their ongoing engagement with your venue. Who doesn't love a win-win?

The Liven Guarantee means that all Brandollars are 100% protected, so it's risk-free for your customers. If your venue permanently closes, customers will receive the credit amount they were unable to redeem, excluding any bonus credits.

Using Brandollars is a breeze, just like using Liven. After purchasing Brandollars, customers simply visit the nominated venue and pay their bill with Liven. The meal cost is deducted from their credit balance, with any remaining credit available for their next visit. They can choose between bundles or packs, with bundles usable across multiple restaurants and packs exclusively at the purchasing venue.

Customers can hold multiple Brandollars packages or bundles for use at the same restaurant. So they can keep purchasing more credits at your venue as Liven promotes Brandollars during their campaign promotions. Liven foodies are always keen to splurge on delicious eats and treats. Don't miss out on the foodie train!

Get ready to captivate your customers with the allure of Brandollars – get in touch with the team today: