Asado To Go

Whether it be a quick capp in the morning ☕, chilli scrambled eggs on your lunch break 🍳, or a cheeky pick me up in the afternoon 🍰 - having a couple of good locals up your sleeve is a must for any full-timer. Good food & a hit of caffeine has powers beyond description.

Working in the city, however, makes things a little more complex. Everything is nearby, but what is worthy of becoming your new daily? That's a lot of business, after all. 💸

We've done the research for you. 🤓 Plus, pay with Liven at any of the below cafes and earn 15-25% LVN every single time. Spend it at any other venue on the app, donate it to a charity you care about or send it as a tip to a favourite barista. Download Liven HERE.

Area Four

390 Little Bourke St
Pay with Liven & earn 25% LVN every time.

Smashed avo (with tomato, feta and chilli flakes) for a measly $12? That's enough to have us sold. 💸 Area's Four's pricing make them a very valid candidate for your new daily coffee or weekly brunch. There's no dish over $14 on their glorious brunch menu; that includes baked eggs, sandwiches, bagels and a $9-$11 jaffle and coffee combo.

It's worth noting that their coffee is pretty damn good, as well. The very harsh critics over at Bean Hunter have given it an average of 8.8/10 over 112 unique reviews. ☕ Area Four, we're coming for you.

Piccolo Me

456 Lonsdale St | 120 Spencer St
Pay with Liven & earn 15% LVN every time.

Piccolo Me knows that sometimes you need a grilled chicken salad, and sometimes... you need a cheeseburger croissant. 🤷‍♀️ The versatility makes it super easy to visit a too often - especially with two convenient CBD locations.

Oh, and we're head over heels for their cheeky mascot, Cosmo the Bee - who runs a coffee "Hapbee Hour" where you'll pick up a small coffee for $2.5. 🐝 Cosmo, our saviour.

Asado To Go

6 Riverside Quay
Pay with Liven & earn 15% LVN every time.

For when things are feeling a little more gourmet. 💃 Meet Asado To Go - the speedy sister of Southbank favourite, Asado Argentinian Bar & Grill.

Asado To Go brings the best of Asado to their quick lunch bites, serving sandwiches packed with their famous barbequed meats, empanadas and take home jars of their iconic chimichurri (worth its weight in gold).

La Camera

MR2/3 Southgate Ave
Pay with Liven & earn 20% LVN every time.

There's something special about a venue with visible family history and staff that treat you like an old friend. 💓

La Camera starts the day early on weekdays, so you can swing by and enjoy a coffee or hearty Italian breakfast before work. Our pick? Their Italian Style Smashed Av0, with bruschetta mix, avocado, fetta, pistachio nuts and poached eggs on ciabatta. Or their Big Breakfast. Or their French Toast...

La Camera is open for lunch and dinner as well. 🍕