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Elevate Your Customer Experience: 5 Compelling Reasons You Need Nomnie for Your Restaurants and Hotels

Dec 27, 2023

Engaging your mobile first customers via QR codes has become vital for boosting engagement, gathering valuable data and fostering customer loyalty. 

But, let's face it - how do you achieve this without building an app , which at the most may be used once by your customers ; or using low engagement link-tree solutions? 

This is where Nomnie, Liven's no-code web app steps in as a solution. 

Think of Nomnie as a hybrid app - as flexible as a website and as beneficial as an app. Nomnie lets you build your QR codes, express  your brand via simple and intuitve pages and enables you to do a lot more.

Dive into why Liven Nomnie is a game changer

1. Drive More  Engagement:

Nomnie takes your digital marketing to the next level. Link aggregator tools such as Linktree, Tap Link, and Campsite allow you to link your best content on a single page; they often redirect your customers out of the app for engagement. Nomnie, however, keeps everything right within the app and visible on the page.

Nomnie becomes your audience's one-stop-shop. Whether it's buying your Brandollars, surveys or joining your mailing list, Nomnie ensures it all happens seamlessly without disrupting the user experience. It's not just a link aggregator; think of Nomnie as your secret weapon for smooth app engagement, keeping your customers engaged while you excel in your marketing efforts.

Customise your Nomnie to match your brand and create a page that reflects your unique value proposition.

2. All-in-One Digital Hub for Hotels and Venues 

Nomnie revolutionises how hotels and venues connect with customers and guests in real-time. Picture Nomnie as a no-code app for your establishments, without the hassle of actually building one.

With Nomnie, you can effortlessly tailor your app to showcase menus, hotel facilities, in-room amenities, and exclusive promotions. Guests can simply scan a QR code to instantly engage with your app without the need for downloads.

You have complete control over your app, with content customisation a breeze, ensuring guests are delivered with the content you deem important. 

3. Effortless Table Ordering: 

Say goodbye to menu cards and hello to a post-COVID world where QR codes take the lead. While most QR code generators limit you to displaying menus or linking to .pdfs,, Nomnie takes it a step further.

Customers scan the QR code, browse menus, and Nomnie seamlessly integrates with POS or table ordering apps to streamline the ordering process. This frees up your staff's time, allowing them to serve more efficiently.

Nomnie brings flexibility to table ordering. You can introduce smart menus with visuals for a user-friendly experience, let users filter offerings by categories, and even schedule timed menus based on the time of day.

In a nutshell, with Nomnie, table ordering becomes a breeze, streamlining the process for both customers and staff.

4. Insightful Analytics

Nomnie's magic touch? It allows you to decipher the effectiveness of your content, promotions, and offers with your customers. The secret lies in Nomnie's in-built analytics, providing crucial real-time insights into your customer interactions.

With Nomnie's analytics, you can effortlessly access vital information, including your top-visited pages, the number of pageviews, and unique visitors—broken down by hours, days, weeks, or months. Uncover trends, analyze what resonates, and discover which pages keep your visitors engaged—all with a single touch through Nomnie Analytics.

In short, Nomnie empowers you to make informed decisions by putting the power of analytics right in your hands.

5. Seamless Integrations

Nomnie seamlessly integrates with various wireframes, including POS & PMS systems and supports multiple payment methods. What's even better? You can effortlessly promote your Liven Brandollars through Nomnie, eliminating the need for customers to download the Liven Wallet.

Enticing your customers to benefit from Brandollars is a breeze with Nomnie. Display Brandollar tiers when they scan the QR code, allowing customers to subscribe without the hassle of downloading an app. Easy, right?"

Nomnie simplifies the integration process, ensuring a smooth experience for both businesses and customers alike.

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