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Apr 18, 2024

Grow a community of super fans and delight customers with the magic of gifting!

Unlocking the power of Liven Gifting for your business starts with effortlessly enabling customers to purchase your Brandollar packs and share them as gifts. Gifting is seamlessly integrated with your POS, your Liven Magic App, and Liven Wallet - making it super convenient and rewarding for customers to purchase and share.

Gifting using Liven does more than traditional gift cards - Liven Gifting locks in revenue, pulls in new customers, and rewards existing customers. 

Gifting Opportunities for All Merchants

Good news – gifting is available to all Liven merchants with Brandollars activated at your venues. With your Brandollars activated, you can set up different "tiers" at various purchase levels and add bonus incentives. Visit the Merchant Portal to learn more and get started.

Trying out Liven Gifting is a triple win for your business. First, attract new customers with exciting gifting options. Secondly, watch your sales grow as customers explore the attractive tiers and bonus credits, leading to higher overall spending per order. How would it feel to see your revenue skyrocket with minimal effort? Lastly, build a more engaged fan base, turning one-time visitors into loyal customers. Liven Gifting isn't just about presents – it's a simple and effective way to reshape and energise your customer's journey. 

Better for Everyone

Gifting with Liven is better for everyone

  1. It’s better for you as an operator - that’s you! You tap revenue faster. It’s all digital, meaning redemption and security issues will go away. You get important gift data, and they engage with your loyalty program throughout the process.
  2. It’s better for the gifter who can take advantage of your Brandollar incentives to give more while spending less. And because it’s digital, the giving is easy, simple, and immediate.
  3. The receiver gets more and doesn’t have to worry about physical gift cards or losing their gift.

Promoting Liven Gifting

How can you do it? Well, there are lots of options! From using social media to setting up eye-catching displays at your venue, there are plenty of ways to spread the word. If you need help with these promotions, don't worry – just get in touch, and we will show you how the best operators do it.

Why Gifting?

Here are just a few of the benefits of gifting the best your brand has to offer:

🎁 Boost Revenue: Offering Liven gifting increases upfront cash flow and generates additional revenue. It's a proactive way to attract new customers who might not visit otherwise.

🔗 Strengthens Customer Relationships: Gifting encourages loyalty and repeat business. It's a personal touch that shows you value your customers, enhancing their emotional connection to your brand.

👥 Expands Your Customer Base: When customers gift dining experiences from your venue, they essentially endorse your venue and brand to others. This word-of-mouth marketing can significantly broaden your reach.

🎉 Enhances Brand Visibility: Customisable gift cards or vouchers serve as a tool for brand promotion. Every time a voucher is gifted, your brand gains more visibility, often among new demographic groups.

📈 Drives Off-Peak Traffic: Gifting can encourage visits during slower periods. Recipients of gift cards are more likely to dine during off-peak times, helping to even out demand and optimise table turnover.

Sounds interesting? Contact us for more details. Learn more about our gifting here.