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How to select the right CRM platform for hospo

Apr 8, 2024

Customer relationship management applications are endless, making choosing the right one a head-bender.  

Most hospo operators start with a simple need: emailing customers, building a database of loyal customers, sending bulk SMS messages, and integrating with POS data to send targeted offers and campaigns. The list is endless.

If you are searching for a solution, here are five simple tips to get you started. We’ve got plenty more, so don’t hesitate to set a time to chat, and we will walk you through best practices.

  1. Pick solutions built for hospo: Most solutions are generic. They don’t reflect the unique nature of hospo. They lack hospo-friendly set ups and templates for emails. Given that many want to use their CRM integrated with their POS, they lack simple and flexible options for sending SMS confirmations and messages. Look for a solution like Liven Engage that has been purpose-built for hospo with solutions experts who know hospo and are ready to assist.
  2. Integrations that make it easy: For many, the first integration point is their POS - but this is only one integration point. What about integrations with your delivery solution, digital ordering system, and loyalty platform? Are you paying more for these integrations, or do they come ready to go and on with a click as they do with Liven Engage?
  3. Feed your customer and loyalty database: How will you capture customer contact data, enrol them in your loyalty program, or register them for events? Ensure your CRM can easily connect with your app, web forms, loyalty platform and more. Liven Engage makes this easy with native integrations with Liven Nomnie, our Magic App, and Liven Loyalty and even seamlessly integrates with your website. Clever tricks like adding a QR code to every digital or physical receipt that gets the customer to sign up and share data are a breeze with Liven but near impossible with most other solutions.
  4. Start with free: Solutions like Liven Engage enable you to get started for free. From there, you want to talk to a solutions pro to ensure you aren’t overpaying for the number of customers you want to store and market. We can show you all kinds of tricks to keep costs down.
  5. Drive loyalty: Most CRMs are built for marketing and awareness, not loyalty. Liven Engage is designed to work hand in hand with loyalty enabling you to deliver secret rewards and get customers back in store faster and spending more.
  6. Keep it simple and automagical: In hospo, most team members using the CRM aren’t specialists in managing data, coding HTML emails, or segmenting customers. So, you need solutions like Liven Engage that make it simple and easy for anyone to operate it. Most importantly, automations are easy to build, so you can get it set, forget it, and get back to doing what you love most.

These are just a few criteria you want to consider when selecting a CRM and loyalty platform for your venue. Chat to us, and we’ll look at your needs and point you in the right direction.