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How you could do more this Father’s Day

Aug 31, 2023

Are you leaving money on the table this Father’s Day?
Each year, Australians embrace moments like Father’s Day to spend more in the places they love, with the people they love. The best operators know how to tap into these events - not just on the day, but well ahead of it.
Sadly, too many hospitality operators let moments like Father’s Day pass them by - leaving money on the table. So, what’s on the menu of the best operators continually looking to market and do more around key moments?

#1 Bank Future Intent
Implement your own currency (Brandollars) with special one-off incentive tiers for Father’s Day. Remember, you are competing for attention and traffic – don’t wait for Father’s Day or bank on hope.
As an example, you could create a “Buy $100 + Bonus $100” tier just for Father’s Day. This enticing offer not only caters to the expenses of a conventional family feed but also extends a supplementary surplus. This surplus can effectively bring customers back, allowing them to utilise the remaining credit. This incentive not only guarantees a return visit but also showcases your establishment's commitment to exceptional customer experiences.

#2 It's more than one day

Extend the celebration and your revenue window, Father’s Day isn’t confined to a single day, leverage the sentimentality and create a multi-faceted experience that resonates with your customers and boosts your revenue. 
Extending the promotion from just the one day to a week would automatically 7x your revenue and the messaging could easily be geared towards pre-planning the feed with incredible value through Brandollars. 

#3 Brand it and market it

Standing out requires more than just serving great food and offering exceptional service. Weave your brand into the celebration and ensure you're leveraging your channels such as email, SMS, social, in-store and other platforms to reach existing and new customers. 
If you were a restaurant that served pho, you could frame your communications to be something catchy and memorable that aligns with what you’re serving – for this example it could be, “Elevate your Pho-ather’s Day”.

#4 Turn you Brand app into a revenue-making machine
Your Brand App (e.g. your Nomnie page) should be your primary arena for Brandollar transactions. Captivate the interest of potential customers and guide them towards purchasing Brandollars which they could utilise to treat their Dad. 
Here are some spicy examples from our delicious merchants who have used their Brand App as their primary location for Brandollar transactions. 

#5 Enable gifting

Make Father’s Day celebrations hassle-free, simplify the process with the streamlined functionality of Brandollar Gifting. This feature can also be accessed through activating your Brandollars in your Brand App. 

#6 Enable your Brandollar moments
Convert diners into loyal fans and create Brandollar offers to drive engagement during periods when you desire more foot traffic. This tactic ensures a steady flow of patrons during key moments.
Here’s what it would look like to limit the redemption of your Brandollars to drive foot traffic from 7am to 11am!

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