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Maximising profits in a delivery-dominated world

Apr 9, 2024

Delivery needn’t impact profits as it once did.

Rather than limiting your delivery options to marketplaces like Uber or Doordash - or paying for third-party integrations to create a link between your POS, digital ordering and delivery services - it's now possible to directly connect your digital ordering to delivery.

In short, you get all the benefits of Uber and Doordash while sprinkling in the ability to configure your own delivery options.

The answer is integrated delivery with OrderUp, use Uber Direct and DoorDash Drive so now you can benefit from on-demand drivers without the marketplace commission fees - or using third-party integrations.

OrderUp's delivery system is highly customisable to suit specific business needs. It includes advanced features that enable the use of a mix of self-driven, curbside pickup, and third-party delivery options. Restaurants can set minimum order values, delivery fees, and service hours for each delivery zone.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll love about Online Delivery through OrderUp:

  • Simple & easy POS integration - write and configure your menu once and run it everywhere.
  • Rapid payment settlements - revenue can hit your accounts within 24 hours, rather than the industry standard of 72 hours or longer.
  • Own your customer data- as customers leverage your online ordering rather than a third-party platform, you own all the data and can continue to market to your customers.
  • Direct integrations - eliminate the cost and complexity of delivery integration software and save thousands.
  • Eliminate the cost and complexity of managing third-party integrations between digital ordering and delivery services
  • Drive loyalty with Liven Rewards, create your own brand currency and incentivise future spending with buy now, eat more later.

When thinking about how to optimise every transaction, think about switching to OrderUp. Chat to our team today and discover how much you can save.