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Never Leave Loyalty Behind

Apr 1, 2024

Most operators - from the largest QSRs and franchisees to mid-sized restaurants and the smallest cafes kick their loyalty program off with one clear goal - increasing customer visits and average order values.

The key to achieving this goal is to make your loyalty program as frictionless, simple and easy to engage with as possible. How often has your service slowed at POS while customers hurry to sign up for loyalty and claim rewards - or fumble with their phones to look for loyalty cards? 

Fortunately, Liven ensures onboarding to your loyalty program is simple and easy, and the speed of claiming and redeeming rewards is faster than any other program in the market.

But we didn’t stop there. How do you get customers to sign up when they are reluctant to do so at the point of sale or checkout? How do you let them claim rewards on a transaction today while signing up for your loyalty program later? How do you enable a member of your loyalty program who paid with a credit card and forgot to claim rewards to claim their rewards?

The answer is a simple QR code on the receipt generated from your POS or digital ordering via Brandollar Connect for Abacus and OrderUp. Both are the simplest ways to connect your POS, digital ordering and Loyalty in a first of a first-of-a-kind, seamless loyalty issuance and redemption platform.

Brandollar Connect Is Now Available! 

Brandollar Connect enables customers to pay however they like and still earn and claim rewards. All it takes is enabling Brandollar Connect on Abacus or OrderUp, and a QR code will be generated on the digital or paper receipt. Scanning the QR code automatically enables the reward amount to be claimed. 

For OrderUp, customers can place their order, then after they make their payment via their preferred mode, they can claim their reward with a single tap - and if the customer is not a member of your Loyalty program, the sign-up is simple and easy and takes place at a time convenient to them.

Grow your Superfans and Revenue Starting Today

For all Liven customers running on Abacus or Orderup, we’ll enable it as an option remotely, so you are ready to go on this significant upgrade instantly.

You can enable Abacus Connect and OrderUp Connect without additional charges or workload on your staff. You can visit this FAQs for more details.

Brandollar Connect does more.

The benefits of switching on Brandollar Connect are endless:

  1. Drive higher rewards issuance and redemption by allowing everyone to claim, no matter what payment type. More rewards equal more revenue from engaged customers spending more.
  2. Capture more customer data and unlock the keys to engaging more with more customers. 
  3. Build a competitive moat around your business by increasing the distribution of your loyalty currency.
  4. Say bye to siloed tech stack: With seamless integration between Abacus, OrderUp and Liven, you need not buy multiple SaaS solutions to run your restaurant.  This all adds-up to lower costs.

Liven Brandollar Connect represents a big shift in customer loyalty management. By harnessing the power of seamless integration and instant rewards, you can fortify your relationships with customers while driving sustainable growth.

👉🏼 One of the most important things you can do right now is set time to chat with a Hospo Solutions specialist about lowering your technology costs, simplifying your operations, and getting the tech in place to enable you to grow revenue. Connect with us here  and we’ll get a time set to do that.