Just got a new phone and want a life refresh? We know how important your phone in your life.

Time is a valuable thing in the modern, fast-paced world. So how do we make space in our busy schedules to improve our lifestyle?

Thankfully, there are many apps on the market that can help us get more done in our day. We can exercise smarter, shop more frugally, earn rewards and get products and services much sooner than we first thought, all through using the right apps.

Here are some of the hottest apps on the market right now.



How does earning money for food while eating delicious food sound? Too good to be true...but it is!

The Liven app connects you to thousands of the hottest restaurants, bars and cafes in Melbourne and Sydney, where you can earn reward cash just by eating out.

The more you earn, the more meals and drinks you can redeem using Liven. You can even indulge your philanthropic side by donating your reward cash to charity.



Setting our lifestyle goals is one thing, actually achieving them is another. This app makes a game of it, translating your actual lifestyle goals into a virtual world where fighting bad guys and completing quests is achieved by completing your real-life tasks.

You can set habits, daily to-do lists and be rewarded with virtual gold and armour as long as you keep on top of those tasks. A great, fun way to stay motivated and achieve your lifestyle goals.



There are many exercise apps, but MapMyRun (by fitness apparel company Under Armour) and Strava (developed by athletes) are the most recognisable and reliable.

Map your fitness goals, get advice on the best routes to take, share your victories and set new personal bests in massive digital communities all trying to inspire each other.

There are some more left-field options as well, like Zombies, Run! that simulates the undead chasing you through city streets. If you're into that kind of thing.



The king of the ‘buy now, pay later’ apps, this nifty platform connects you to hundreds of Australian businesses. You can shop using the app, pay 25 percent up front and then pay the rest over a manageable period of time.



If you are looking for a grocery price comparison app, this is the most comprehensive option available on Australian shores. Just scan the barcode of any item on the shelf and you can get a list of prices at different outlets to ensure you always pay the best price.