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Nomnie: Put your brand in your customers’ pockets

Nov 3, 2023

How do you Appify your venue without ever building an App - reaping benefits like more customer data, ordering from anywhere, or even, opening a second store online? And what if you could do it for a fraction of the cost with none of messing about with developers, agencies and technology.

Liven Nomnie, the Hybrid Brand App, is used by many of the hottest hospitality brands in Australia to surface endless possibilities for customer engagement from QR codes.

Six reasons to get going now:

  1. Up & running in hours: We can do the work for you, but you’ll be able to do much of it on your own using the intuitive browser-based interface. 
  2. Express your brand: Maintain your brand's unique style and theme effortlessly, without the need for costly web and app development.
  3. QR Code accessibility: Liven Nomnie pages can be accessed by a simple QR code scan which makes it easy to capture the interest of your customers waiting in line, savouring their meals, or those strolling past. The seamless accessibility promotes engagement, whether it's browsing your menu, discovering new items, sharing feedback, or accessing your social content.
  4. Sell your brand’s dollars - bank future spending and dining intent today: Sell and promote your brand currency instantly. Nomnie’s rich features also enable customers to gift their friends and family your brand’s dollars (a.k.a. Brandollars), with no sign up or account required they can simply check out in the browser. 
  5. Collect more data: Versatile modules for collecting emails, running quizzes, surveys, and linking to review sites switch on with a click. 
  6. Create more transaction opportunities: Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with table ordering and more, enhancing the overall customer experience.

If you're a business hungry for enhanced customer engagement and more channels to connect with your audience, Liven Nomnie could be your ideal solution. It's cost-effective, user-friendly, and offers boundless opportunities to keep your brand on the forefront of your customers' minds.

With Liven Nomnie, your brand easily slips into your customers' pockets. It's a tool that's putting control back into the hands of businesses, ensuring they can reach their customers effortlessly and engage in meaningful interactions.