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Our guide to the 7 best Chinese eats in Australia


May 13, 2022

Our guide to the 7 best Chinese eats in Australia

Whether you’re craving the warmth of a hearty soup, missing the taste of home or looking to spice up your life, these are the best, authentic Chinese restaurants you’ve been looking for. 

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David’s Hot Pot

📍Melbourne: CBD, Point Cook, Doncaster | Pay with Liven & earn 10% LVN every time | Up to 20% bonus Foodollars up for grabs

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Life is short, make it hot with authentic Sichuan hotpot! Nothing hits like David’s signature spicy beef tallow soup on a frosty night. You’ll be transported to the heart of Chengdu as you dine under vivid lanterns in a room adorned by neon signs. Yet David’s wide variety of soup bases isn’t all you can enjoy - immerse yourself in fresh juicy grape or sweet mango bingsu to complete the experience. Or if you’re all for the ASMR, David’s deep-fried rice cakes and crispy-fried sticky rice donuts are the ones for you!

David’s Master Pot

📍Melbourne | Pay with Liven & earn 10% LVN every time | Up to 50% bonus Foodollars up for grabs

May be an image of chow mein

At David’s Master Pot, you’re the chef. Get creative by designing your own, unique bowl of Malatang with multiple soup broth options such as the soul-warming pork bone soup and Master Pot laksa soup as well as over 100 fresh ingredients to choose from! Tantalise your taste buds in David’s secret chilli oil mix and the prickly ash Sichuan pepper. We give this a chef’s kiss ;)

Shanghai Dragon Dumpling House

📍Melbourne | Pay with Liven & earn 15% LVN every time | Up to 100% bonus Foodollars up for grabs

May be an image of dim sum and indoor

Shanghai Dragon Dumpling House is your one stop eatery for dumpling cravings of all types. Have dumplings your way, whether steamed, pan fried, soup-filled or floating in soup. Take a heavenly bite of everything from their crispy xiao long baos filled with steaming hot soup to pillowy soft pork wontons in heartwarming soup. Be careful or you might just consume one too many dumplings!

Dragon Hot Pot

📍Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide | Pay with Liven & earn 5% LVN every time

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Looking for a late night eat? Well, you’ll find company at 2am if you go to Dragon Hot Pot at Russell St. With endless combinations of noodles, vegetables, seafood, meat and adventurous ingredients such as frog legs or duck tongue soaked in the slow-cooked broth that’s been simmering for more than 12 hours, it’s a recipe for success! Load your bowl up with spiciness your way but be careful because a sprinkle too much of the numbing red peppercorn and you’ll be desperately reaching for the water.

Lan Dining

📍Sydney, Brisbane | Pay with Liven & earn 5% LVN every time

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At Lan Dining, embark on a delightful adventure for the taste buds with an elegant interior of millennial pink hues and woven bamboo to match. Here you’ll find the classic tea-smoked duck, with meat cooked tender to perfection but there’s a twist, with sweet plum sauce and steamed pancakes combined to create a new rendition of the traditional Peking duck. Salivate at the double-cooked pork belly dressed in black bean sauce and garnished with mushroom, ginger and green onion. It’s Sichuan like you’ve never tasted before.

Spicy Sichuan

📍Adelaide | Pay with Liven & earn 10% LVN every time

No photo description available.

Spicy Sichuan delves into the bold and aromatic, showcasing its intense herbs and spices enveloped within its sauces and is perfect for all those wanting to put their taste buds to the test. It offers well-known favourites such as the iconic mapo tofu and kung pao prawn balls that’ll leave you feeling satisfied yet coming back for more.

China Chilli

📍Sydney, Melbourne | Pay with Liven & earn 5% LVN every time

No photo description available.

China Chilli is the hot and spicy Sichuan-style food that you’ve been looking for, bringing superfly zhong pork dumplings to dry braised barramundi to stir-fried chicken in chilli oil and tofu pudding with salted egg yolk. Decked out in a vibrant blue with accented red chairs and bamboo lanterns, it offers a calm yet energising ambience. A local favourite, China Chilli is one to add to your list.

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