Hey Food Fam, 🌮 🥑 🍜

It’s Keith (the intern) here again. Hope you and your loved ones are safe, healthy, and staying home & working on your TikTok careers. These are definitely tough times, and I feel you — it ain’t easy in quarantine. After a week of sharing my roommate’s cooking, I’ve just about had it.

As bad as those food cravings can get, some people are much more deeply affected than others during this time, especially those in our hospitality industry — that’s your favourite restaurants. 😢

In the short time since the government began enforcing the lockdowns, we have been hearing horror stories of maxed out credit cards and unanswered loan applications… Many owners have had no choice but to shut down, and in the process, many hard-working, talented people have found themselves out of work… 😭

I know what you’re thinking. Global crises like this -

“There’s no way that all I can do to help is stay home, wash my hands and cough into my elbow!”

We know how you feel. And we know that it’s been a bit of a Catch-22. We’ve gotta lock down to get things (and the economy) back to normal, but in lockdown, there is no economy. So we needed a fix that’d work no matter whether you’re locked down or whether your fave spot has decided it needs to hibernate for a while.

We’ve been putting our heads and hearts together to try and come up with a solution to help serve the industry that has been dutifully serving us for years, and we’ve come up with something that can turn the tide.

Introducing the Liven Care Packages ⚡️

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Here it is. You can now #SaveYourFaves by pledging now and eating later! Support your local restaurants by chipping in now when times are tough. Our Premium Partners will be matching your pledge so you can dine in style (and twice the noms) when our world is healthy again.

Rest assured that your pledge won’t be lost, even if the restaurant you nominate your pledge to can’t reopen. Worst case? You’ll get to spend your pledge amount at another Liven Premium Partner. No risk, all reward — covered by your friendly neighbourhood payment rewards app.

What's in it for the restaurants? ❤️

Hospo are our hombres, so we’ve committed to deliver 100% of the proceeds to restaurants, no cap 🧢 (or profit made). Nothing breaks our hearts more than seeing our beloved partners out of business. Talented, passionate people are out of jobs and established, well-deserving businesses are shutting down for a reason that’s out of everyone’s control.

We need all hands on deck. We’ve been touched by the ingenuity of our partners — some of them have converted floor space into mini-groceries, while others are selling frozen handmade dumplings to take home, just to stay alive. The average restaurant only has a 16-day cash buffer in their bank account. Coronavirus might be gone and forgotten in a few months time, but how many restaurants (and your favourite dishes) will go down with it?

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So what are you waiting for? 💪🏻

Now is the time to jump in and do your bit to help. Download the Liven app and grab a Liven Care Package to spend at your favourite restaurant today. It’s time for us to serve the industry that has been serving us for so many years.

And if you’re not in a position to make a pledge, you can still help your favourite restaurant venues by getting the word out. Tag your buddies or your fave restaurants and help us #SaveYourFaves!

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