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Six Ways to Turn Interactions into Revenue with Nomnie!

May 3, 2024

If you are considering upgrading your traditional app, engaging an agency to build one, or even coding your ordering, now is the time to ask Why.

For most users, of the 40 apps installed on their smartphone, they typically use only 18 regularly while on a daily basis, a person uses just 9 apps out of potentially dozens available to them. 

Despite this, digital ordering is the preferred option by many - and when they do, they spend more than using traditional ordering modes. Are you delivering the best digital experience possible and intercepting the customer's moments of desire with a simple and beautiful pathway to ordering? If you think you aren’t, or, are keen to see how the best operators are, we can show you how.

What’s A Magic App?

Traditional apps can cost tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to create and maintain - and involve agencies, developers, and more. They are served up once via the App Store and rarely used again. Magic Apps are the opposite - so easy and cost-effective to build, they require no coding expertise and are activated via a QR code or link. Once open, they can be saved to any home screen with the same familiar brand icon a traditional app would have. 

Nomnie is the #1 Magic App in the market today - It’s purpose-built for hospo, entertainment, hotels, and more. And, it is designed to help you grow your community, increase revenue, and cut costs with intuitive tools that make managing your business effortless.

Six Ways Nomnie Turns Interactions Into Revenue

Nomnie is so easy to use, that you don’t need developers or geeks to:

  1. Unleash your brand - Make your brand look beautiful on any screen and then turn customer attention into revenue by enabling a single click into ordering and more.
  2. Embed loyalty, sales of your brand currency, and any eCommerce interaction - Drive Brandollar sales - With the Liven + Nomnie integration, your users can access your Brandollars directly from your Nomnie. Connect it to Liven Engage to grow your superfan database.
  3. Make your QR-activated mobile experience super engaging - With multiple widgets and customisation options.
  4. Manage multi-brand, multi-venue experiences - Nomnie is built from the ground up to help leading QSRs, franchisees, and multi-venue operators take control of their guest experience
  5. Super easy to use - Zero code, zero coding experience - Drag-and-drop simplicity and professional templates ready to go right out of the box. Launch a magical app for your venue quickly and affordably, avoiding the high costs and long development times of traditional apps. Make changes on the fly without needing developers or designers.
  6. Out-of-the-box analytics - Nomnie’s intuitive analytics allow you to understand customer satisfaction and preferences, ensuring they return for more.

It’s time to upgrade your mobile experience with a Magic App. Let’s chat today, and we’ll help you create a Magic App in real time and show you live examples of how the best operators are doing it.