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Increase summer revenue with QR ordering

Nov 6, 2023

Summer means two things - peak order volumes and a desire to get those orders taken and delivered faster. Will you be one of the venues tapping into increased spending in the 20-50% range?

For many, the challenges are immense - staffing shortages, new staff, table footprints expanding outdoors, new menu items and more. Implementing ordering off QR codes isn’t just about table ordering - it's also about enabling loyalty and rewards to keep customers coming back all year round, for instance.

Here are a few things to get you prepared to do more this summer.

Nail your QR code footprint. 

Look beyond tables - bar areas, queue entry points, and even locations around the venue are all places to invite an order. Ensure your venue is seamlessly set up with QR code ordering with prominently placed codes on all your tables for easy scanning access. As your customers place their orders through the Order Up platform, your staff can concentrate on other essential tasks.

Unlock the power of tabs

Activate your ‘group tabs’ feature and recommend it to your customers. All Order Up venues have access to group tabs, offering all the advantages of a traditional tab with the added convenience of mobile ordering. Diners have the flexibility to set time or value limits.

Make your digital menu work harder

Order Up's platform is designed to boost revenue. When a customer selects an item, the system can suggest customisations, like add-ons or popular pairings. This not only enhances the customer experience but also increases the average order value.

Activate your loyalty program

Loyalty programs can increase venue visits by up to 35% and encourage customers to spend more per transaction. Implement rewards with every purchase and then your own venue currency using Liven - both seamlessly integrate with Abacus and Orderup so when a customer is checking out, they can save more and spend more.

Integrate QR code ordering with your Liven Brand App.

Integrating your table ordering options into your brand app offers the best of both worlds. Customers can enjoy the benefits of QR code ordering while still receiving information and messaging from your business. It's an additional touchpoint to capture customer data or promote upcoming events and specials.

Data-driven decision making

Review the data from your QR code ordering system and/or POS to pinpoint trends and make the most of your menu offerings. This analysis presents a golden opportunity to identify lower revenue periods and harness available tools, like happy hour promotions or Liven's Moments, to attract more customers during those times.

Lets get going - book a time with a Liven Venue Solutions expert and we’re get your revenue growing and your costs down - or lunch is on us!