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Introducing the Liven Merchant Portal

Dec 26, 2023

The new Liven Merchant Portal gives every one of the thousands of venues on Liven a significant upgrade in control, visibility and data.

We’ve been working super hard on the new Liven Merchant Portal. If you are building loyalty and engagement like never before with Liven, your Merchant Portal is your sidekick for success. Easily explore data, customize Brandollars, and manage finances, all in one place.

It’s never been easier to program and manage your venue's currency and incentives - and drill down on the data that matters.

See impacts and areas for improvement in real-time

With our Analytics Dashboard, track Brandollar impact and understand customer traffic effortlessly.

Program your loyalty & engagement incentives

In the Merchant Portal, easily adjust Brandollar tiers to match your goals. Explore new features like Brandollar Moments and Secrets at your own pace.

Example: Slow business on weekdays from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm? No worries! Create a Brandollar Moments offering with extra perks for those times to bring in more customers.

Effortless Access Statements & more

The Merchant Portal lets you access all your financial data in one spot, making it easy to track profits and gauge loyalty's impact on your business.

It’s easy to get going!

Step 1: Log In

Visit the merchant portal via your web browser, log in to your Liven account, and voila - it's where the magic happens.

Step 2: Check the numbers

The analytics dashboard is the heart of your go to hub for insights- gauge your  performance and see how your Brandollars are tracking.

Step 3: Create your brand dollars

Head to the Brandollar Self-service Portal and create a new Brandollar offering or update an existing one. Make it as unique as your business!

Step 4: View your financial details

No more waiting for statements. Navigate to the Statements section for a financial summary and all your Liven transactions.

Ready to grow your loyalty & engagement with total control?

Your Merchant Portal is the key to managing your business effortlessly, ensuring you maximize the perks of loyalty with complete control. Plus, we're constantly working on improving the merchant dashboard to add increasing value to your business, so stay tuned for even more enhancements.

Access the portal now and take your business to new heights. Don’t have access to the portal? Contact your account manager and we will set you up!