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Your Liven April Update 🎁

Keith the Intern

Jul 6, 2018

3 min read

Your Liven April Update 🎁

All my Liven release notes.

Hey Liveneers! It’s Keith (The Intern), sending you all my wishes during this period. So far in isolation, I:

  • Literally completed my streaming service.
  • Didn’t move once for 29 hours.
  • Had a first date over video chat, and accidentally put my date on mute 😰
  • Tried to do Yoga and hurt my back (and my ego).

You can guess I have been looking for a silver lining, and the Liven team brought a big one this week. Introducing Liven 7.5.

Liven is now even more Take Away friendly!

The fact that you can’t sit down in your favourite store right now, shouldn’t deprive your stomach of such an essential service. Contactless pickup is even easier when you can pay from outside the store and don’t need to go near the payment terminal thanks to Liven. Real foodies are still getting their fix, in the form of takeaway - and I’m right there with them. I never knew taking Bubble Tea back to my couch would be so fun, especially when it saves me so much money.

Purchase Care Packages through Liven

Care Packages are now available for purchase inside the Liven app. You can save them up to pay for a big bonanza, or use them to pay for a take away in-between remote lectures that you are definitely paying attention to.

Double your money, Double your Love - Liven Care Package

So get this, you buy say, a $50 Liven Care Package, and your favourite restaurant will throw in a tasty bonus! Think about it, you could be looking at double the dumplings for free. And you get to help your favourite restaurant through this challenging period. Boom!

Liven Guarantee

Risk isn’t usually something associated with food, unless you are eating my cooking. However, in this climate, Liven is committed to our users getting their money’s worth, regardless of the trading status of the venue you purchased credit at. Liven will guarantee the funds you have spent can be consumed as food at one of our Pledge Partner restaurants thanks to our Relief Fund!

Save Your Faves

Besides filling your stomach, we have made this feature so that you can play a part in helping out your favourite restaurants. This feature is for the Bubble Tea store that gives you more pearls than they should’ve, or the Dumpling spot who always serves your Xiao Long Bao’s extra hot. These #hospoheroes work night and day, 7 days a week to satisfy you with their service, now is our time to show them our appreciation.

Pay with Liven, and Save your Faves while you do so.

Keith the Intern

Keith the Intern aka recently promoted Assistant to the Assistant Copywriter. I drink bubble tea for a living.