All my Liven release notes.

Ahoy Liveneers,

It's Keith the Intern (who just passed his probation period). I’ve been given another chance at writing the app release. Long story short, I lost a bet that I could fit 13 Xiao Long Bao’s in my mouth at once.. And here I am…

Improved Wallet experience 💰

Like my local Yoga teacher, our app’s Wallet is extremely flexible. Unlike my local Yoga teacher, however, Liven will accompany me to dinner. Namaste Karen. So we’ve improved the way the Wallet swipes and animates for those that appreciate it! It makes you feel better, we promise.

New To Liven 😎

Feeling lonely at night? Well there could be a sexy new RESTAURANT that just moved into your neighbourhood. This feature lets you see the new stores joining Liven every day near you.

Loading cues 📱

You know when you look at a screen, and you can see yourself looking at the screen through the reflection, and the angle makes your chin look like an ice cream scoop? No? Just me? Well we fixed that with a handy quick loading indicator that will distract me from this nightmare.Swipe left on a restaurant to go back:
We didn’t think the world would get so good at swiping. It seems like the people finding me on dating apps however are not so adept at swiping right...

Prompts and Guides 👀

We added shiny prompts and guides to make it easier for newbies… to you know… eat, pay and earn. Tbh my boss bought some reaaaaally expensive software to do ALL THE THINGS and that’s a lot of pressure for me you know? So I kept it simple for now and made it easier to go from not having a burger in your hands to having said burger. You’re welcome.

Home button switch ⚡️

Tapping on the home tab from map view now … wait for it…. switches back to the home screen! I thought this was genius and they should give me a trophy. The team said it was kinda obvious and something about being a Snowflake. I don’t get it, So am I getting a trophy or not?

Fix tab bar bottom margin 👑

Our navigation bar was off by a pixel or so and it caused so much OCD related stress our designer took a mental health month. For the sake of his sanity please update so we can get him back without any more PTSD

Fix favourite button layout on the merchant screen 🤩

Put the favourite button in a more thumb-friendly location after being laughed at for my tiny hands. A personal sacrifice so you can fav your best spots.

Performance improvements 🎁

Our engineers are working hard for us to take over the world, one server update at a time, and this week they zeroed in on the home screen so that your experience is silky smooth.

The coolest thing about apps, is that you can go back into the code, and fix things that you wish you could’ve done better. If I was able to do that with my life, here would be my top 3 fixes:
- Realising sooner that you couldn’t put sunscreen on windows to stop getting burnt.
- Never ever posting my 4 hour Playwright “Life Sucks - a day from a Boba’s Perspective” on Youtube.
- Choosing not to play the cowbell, it’s not nearly as useful as my Music Teacher told me it would beHave a great LNY!

Keith The (unprobated) Intern 🌮 🍣 🍫