Give it up for Keith, our new product intern aka newly appointed Assistant Chief Tasting Officer (not too shabby for a CTO acronym, init), sharing some pretty big news straight from the Liven HQ, that might just have changed his life as a foodie app intern. 😎 Check out all his handywork here.

Hey Liveneers,

Today’s my big break (Keith the intern here) - Liven has finally let me write an app release. Firstly I’d like to thank my stomach for getting me this job. Turns out you can get a job by just “hanging out with your friends, not going to med school, and drinking Bubble Tea” so take that Mum & Dad...

Alipay & UnionPay Integration

The biggest revelation since someone decided to drop a tapioca ball in their perfectly fine tea, Liven has enabled users to pay with their own Alipay & UnionPay accounts. This spells huge news for anyone who can’t be bothered dealing with multiple bank accounts. I can't even be bothered blinking sometimes, so this is right up my alley. 😌

Personalised Feed

Just like your friend who can’t stop posting gym selfies, Liven’s been 'putting that work in, while y’all sleepin'. We’ve implemented these handy little cards to make your home page experience silky smooth.

Content Card implementation

Just like your friend who can’t stop posting gym selfies, Liven’s been “putting that work in, while y’all sleepin”. We’ve implemented Content Cards to make your experience silky smooth. Keep your eyes out for some cool new changes.

  • content card - pop issue
  • content card - card_id filter out old campaign cards
  • content card - filter duplicated merchant

Prompts and Guides

We added shiny prompts and guides to make it easier for newbies… to you know… eat, pay and earn. Tbh my boss bought some reaaaaally expensive software to do ALL THE THINGS and that’s a lot of pressure for me you know? So I kept it simple for now and made it easier to go from not having a burger in your hands to having said burger. 🍔 You’re welcome.

Bug Fixes

What I love about software, is that you can fix bugs (things you could’ve done better) in your code. If that was the same as in real life, my GoT name would be something like:
Keith, of house Intern, breaker of notmyneighboursBMWwindow, Protector of tearsduringShrek, Khaleesi of my HECS, Drinker of non-expired milk. Unfortunately, it is quite the opposite…. Anyway, here are some bugs we fixed on Liven

  • code clean - delete wait bill retry code
  • add default card resources to fix unknown card display bug
  • fix facebook login version to fix gradle build issue

Anyway that's a wrap (not to be confused with a burrito). 🌮 🥙 🌯

Until next time,

Keith (The Intern).