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10 of the Best Places to Eat in East Village

May 9, 2022

10 of the Best Places to Eat in East Village

It’s no secret that at Liven, we LOVE food. Moreover, we love linking stand-out places to eat and drink with the fanatic foodies that are looking for their next dining spot to hit up! Restaurants get their ideal customers, and foodies get to eat to earn! It’s a win, win… and as much fun as it sounds!

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Onto food. East Village is known for its night life, old school bars, performance venues and quaint streets lined with hip cocktail bars and exciting restaurants. In this article, we’re shining a light on 10 of the best places to dine at in this lively part of town.

1. Uluh

 Stir Fried Okra in XO Sauce
Photo: Courtesy of Uluh

Cuisine: Chinese

Fancy a trip to Beijing? Look no further than this contemporary Chinese restaurant that’s a step above your average. You’ll find dishes from many Chinese regions, including braised pork belly that’s sure to excite your taste buds. If you can't decide what to eat, they have a huge selection of Dim sum you won’t want to refuse. 

2. Madame Vo

May be an image of fried rice and indoor
Photo: Courtesy of Madame Vo

Cuisine: Vietnamese

Owners Jimmy and Yen Vo bring you bold-flavored, southern Vietnamese recipes that have been handed down through their families for generations. The chef’s family spent years mastering the short rib in a bowl of pho and now it's your turn to enjoy it. The Vietnamese people LOVE their food and these guys can't wait to show you how diverse and complex Vietnamese flavors can be.

3. Hearth

May be an image of food and indoor
Photo: Courtesy of Hearth

Cuisine: Italian

Run, don’t walk to this gem where Italian meets health food. With mouthwatering dishes to enjoy for brunch, lunch and dinner, you’re sure to find an excuse to dine here. The roasted lamb loin is to die for, one of the many dishes served with supreme vegetables. Or maybe you’d prefer to share the fresh-roasted black bass on your next date night. Good fats are celebrated here with plenty of hearty food to enjoy. Every dish is made with love and you’ll feel welcome from the second you walk in.  

4.  MáLà Project

May be an image of food and indoor
Photo: Courtesy of MáLà Project

Cuisine: Chinese

With a friendly vibe and show-stopping food, Mala Project has been a Chinese food hotspot since 2015. Whether you’re with a friend or in a large group, this stand-out venue caters for all. The menu ranges from tender beef, fish filets or squid balls paired with frog! Konjac noodles are delicious but no one can seem to go past the Chinese hot pot stewed with sliced meats and veggies. 

5. Kenka

▷ Why you should eat at Kenka NYC
Photo: Courtesy of Steffen from Loving New York

Cuisine: Japanese

The most exciting venue for a Japanese feast, one you definitely need to visit. With, ahem, naughty décor, yes, we’re talking BDSM and kinky details, it makes for an eye-catching dining experience. If the décor isn’t enough, try their bull penis with mayo dish! Their menu boasts some other delightful (and easier to digest) dishes including, dumplings, grilled chicken and selections of sake to really set you into a spin. 

6.  Five Napkin Burger

May be an image of burger
Photo: Courtesy of Five Napkin Burger

Cuisine: American

This epic spot lives up to its name, with its mouth-watering burgers. With a cool vibe and chilled atmosphere, it’s great for all occasions. You can enjoy table seating and a pre-burger beer at the bar, which sets this place a notch above most burger bars. If you want the best burger experience then order their signature burger with cheese, cheese sauce and a perfectly cooked pattie. Not forgetting the side serve of waffle fries!

7. Hasaki

Photo: Courtesy of Hasaki

Cuisine: Japanese

The godfather of East Village’s taste of Tokyo, this little Japanese gem opened in 1984. Popular for its traditional nigiri sushi and high-quality sashimi, the chefs also offer your usual Japanese dishes including chawanmushi and teriyakis. Want to try something new? You can often find a surprise in the daily fish specials. The little zen garden out back offers you cute little nooks where you can dine in privacy.

8. Johns of 12th Street

May be an image of shrimp
Photo: Courtesy of Johns of 12th Street

Cuisine: Italian

This Italian charm is a piece of history. It’s been around for over 110 years. With its dated murals and exquisite tiled floor, you’re sure to feel like you’ve taken a trip back in time when you dine here. With cozy décor comes delicious food. You can’t ignore the mouth-watering spedino mozzarella romana and the pasta is sensational, whether you enjoy a simple tomato sauce or a loaded spaghetti with meatballs. This is definitely one to visit. 

9. Ramen Misoya

May be an image of food
Photo: Courtesy of Ramen Misoya

Cuisine: Japanese

Still not done with your Japanese food journey? You’ll find the best miso here. High-quality noodles and a bunch of add-ins to choose from including, parmesan cheese and pork cutlets  – these guys have every variety of miso figured out. You can expect a warm and cozy ambience to enjoy your food. 

10. Nowon

Photo: Courtesy of Nowon

Cuisine: Korean

New York meets Korea. Think eclectic décor and private rooms to host a small event. Fun cocktails, ricotta and yuzu dip, chopped cheese rice cake or maybe you’re keen to try one of their legendary burgers. Whatever you’re vibing, you can enjoy it while listening to some old school beats. 

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