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Level Up Your Restaurant Operations: Abacus POS Enhancements

May 5, 2024


As we dive into the new quarter, we're excited to bring you the latest updates from Abacus that are set to revolutionise the way you run your restaurant. From streamlining label printing to fostering customer loyalty, Abacus has you covered with our latest innovations.

Abacus GO: More than Just a POS

Abacus Go brings the key features of Abacus POS to a convenient mobile device suited for all business types and sizes - including pop-up stores, events, restaurants, cafes, food trucks, and seasonal food businesses. From scanning and printing to handling payments and serving as a waiter pad, you can achieve everything in a single hand-held device with Abacus Go.

KDS Go: Platform-Agnostic Kitchen Display System

Our Kitchen Display System (KDS) now works seamlessly across iOS, Android, and Windows devices which means you can deploy Abacus KDS without the need for new terminals or upgrades - Read more here.

Online Ordering Made Easy

With OrderUp, online ordering from your POS is a breeze. Easily set up pickup and delivery options, enable catering services, and partner with Uber Direct and DoorDash Drive to reduce delivery fees. It's all about convenience and efficiency for you and your customers.

Abacus Connect: Maximise Loyalty

Abacus Connect ensures anyone can benefit from Liven Rewards, even when they don't pay with Liven. Abacus Connect intelligently drops a QR code on the receipt to enable a single-time rewards claim to be made. This increases participation and enrolment in your loyalty, driving revenue downstream.

Enhancements on Abacus Android POS:

From streamlined cart management to effortless and real-time integration with Abacus Kiosks, we have updated our Abacus Android POS to make operations easier. Abacus Android POS can now sync seamlessly with Zynk and Solum, and you can dynamically update your electronic shelf labels (ESLs) in real-time. 

What’s in it for you?

  1. Enhanced all-in-one POS system that streamlines your restaurant operations
  2. Enable customers to claim rewards when not paying with Liven - more goodness for them, and more loyalty and revenue for you!
  3. Platform-agnostic Kitchen Display System for efficient front and back-of-the-house operations reduces needs for new hardware
  4. Online ordering tailored to your convenience
  5. Mobile POS to do everything from scanning to printing.

We’re keen to show you these and other features in action. How about a demo or quick chat?